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Willett & Smart – R4 interview

Q. Dunhill Links Champions, how does that sound?
JONATHAN SMART: It’s right up there with me for one of the best weeks ever, and the other side of it this week has been unreal. I just have to thank Dan for giving me the chance to do it. Took a big risk. It’s paying off.

No, it’s been unreal. Played with great guys all week. It’s been amazing at night and just seeing the opposite side of it to what I usually see. It’s been really, really good.

DANNY WILLETT: It’s all about winning the team event. It was a tough week. I didn’t play great golf. Luckily I chipped a few bits in every now and again and Johnny was unbelievably, unbelievably good all week. Be getting a few less shots next time we play each other.

But no, it’s been a great week. One of the main reasons is because Johann and the guys let us to play together, which is brilliant of them. And then to actually, like he said, for him to see the other side of it, he holed a 4-footer on the last and said he was nervous. It’s good, you get a different taste of it and that’s what this event is all about.

You get the amateur guys, and this is it for them, to be able to come and play in this and to play with the guys and I mean, I don’t think we quite expected to pitch up first time and win.

But you know, just to get a good taste of it, and like he said, played with some great guys all week. Had some great draws. Weather stayed great. It’s been a really special week.

Q. What did you do so well to earn all these points?
DANNY WILLETT: I’ve never seen a display on the greens like it this week. It was unbelievable. It was just ridiculous. It made everyone, all of us pros and everyone who played with him look bad on the greens, it was daft. But good job he’s my partner because it paid off. Yeah, just a great week.

Q. Am I right to assume it took awhile to settle in because you weren’t in your normal role?
JONATHAN SMART: Massive. Just on the 18th there, my hand was physically shaking trying to line the ball up. When you’re telling someone what to do, it’s a lot simpler than having to do it yourself.

No, it was fantastic, and a completely different side of things that now I’ll appreciate what Dan’s got to go through a little bit more. Granted mine wasn’t on as big a scale but I was just as nervous I’m sure. Just have to thank Mr. Rupert and Dunhill for letting me play. It’s been amazing.

Q. At the Home of Golf, doesn’t get any better than this, but this time it’s not you, it’s Jonathan. How do you feel?
JONATHAN SMART: Just very surreal. Very, very surreal. I’ve witnessed it from the other side, and today, I could not believe how nervous I was coming down those last few holes. And to win an event with Dan, here, has just been unreal. Very surreal.

Q. How have you enjoyed the week?
DANNY WILLETT: It’s been great fun. I’ve obviously not played great golf. I showed a few bits every now and again but luckily that’s what this format is for us as a team, if we can dovetail well and stuff like that, which we did.

You don’t see it from that perspective a lot, especially John, he’s a lot more from the other side and to be under pressure and him to be able to hole a putt, it’s a complete different role. I’m glad we’ve had the week we’ve had. It’s been brilliant.