1Raphaël Jacquelin and Ernesto Bertarelli09:001
1Dean Burmester and Matthew Goode09:001
2Matteo Manassero and Sergio Balbinot09:111
2Chris Paisley and Ian Webb09:111
3Alexander Levy and Pascal Grizot09:221
3Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin09:221
4Erik Van Rooyen and Mohammad Farooq09:331
4Thongchai Jaidee and Scott Desano09:331
5Doug Ghim and Bret Baier09:441
5David Lipsky and Rob Light09:441
6Chris Wood and Ric Lewis09:551
6Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin09:551
7Oliver Fisher and Huey Lewis10:061
7Haydn Porteous and Tico Torres10:061
8Justin Walters and Mike Rutherford10:171
8Connor Syme and Dave Farrell10:171
9David Horsey and Piers Morgan10:281
9Lee Slattery and Kevin Pietersen10:281
10Ryan Fox and Shane Warne10:391
10Michael Hoey and Michael Vaughan10:391
11Thomas Detry and Ronan Keating10:501
11Trevor Immelman and Greg Kinnear10:501
12George Coetzee and Rob Louw11:011
12Matt Wallace and Kelly Slater11:011
13Nicolas Colsaerts and Tom Chaplin11:121
13Robin Dawson and Brian O'Driscoll11:121
14Richard Sterne and Bill Murray11:231
14Jamie Donaldson and Sir Anthony McCoy11:231
15Joakim Lagergren and Rob Hersov09:0010
15Tapio Pulkkanen and Robert Hissom09:0010
16Phachara Khongwatmai and Ahmed Tayeb09:1110
16Zander Lombard and Bob Diamond09:1110
17Lucas Herbert and Nikesh Arora09:2210
17Robert Karlsson and Dermot Desmond09:2210
18Adrian Otaegui and Abdullah Al Naboodah09:3310
18Marc Warren and Martin Gilbert09:3310
19Daniel Im and Oliver Baker09:4410
19Oliver Bekker and Hickman Bacon09:4410
20Carlos Pigem and Beltrán Gómez-Acebo09:5510
20Chris Hanson and Brett Desmond09:5510
21Peter Karmis and Hilgon Van Breda10:0610
21Laurie Canter and Rurik Gobel10:0610
22Ashley Chesters and Erwee Botha10:1710
22Pablo Larrazábal and Allan Stanton10:1710
23David Drysdale and Matt Woolf10:2810
23Freddie Jacobson and Kieran McManus10:2810
24Wade Ormsby and Ian Todd10:3910
24Renato Paratore and Andrew White10:3910
25Bradley Neil and Dillie Malherbe10:5010
25Brett Rumford and Jabu Mabuza10:5010
26Scott Fernandez and Alan Quasha11:0110
26Jonathan Thomson and Jeremy Ord11:0110
27Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson11:1210
27Nino Bertasio and Charles Ayres11:1210
28JC Ritchie and Dilip Thomas11:2310
28Steven Brown and Heidi Ueberroth11:2310
29Adam Bland and Peter Jones09:001
29Simon Dyson and Steve Nicklaus09:001
30Robert Rock and Brian McFadden09:111
30Bradley Dredge and Luke Wilson09:111
31Ajeetesh Sandhu and Allan Lamb09:221
31Matthew Jordan and Fourie Du Preez09:221
32Jorge Campillo and Mark Nicholas09:331
32Jaco Ahlers and Jacques Kallis09:331
33Julien Guerrier and Geoff Beattie09:441
33Oliver Farr and Jean Malherbe09:441
34Ryan Evans and Peter Bowden09:551
34Kim Koivu and Martin Lightbody09:551
35Matthias Schwab and Gordon MacKenzie10:061
35Clément Sordet and Wilhelm Van Zyl10:061
36Romain Wattel and Jay Varkey10:171
36Aaron Rai and Doug Engmann10:171
37Richard T Lee and John Hegarty10:281
37Ricardo Gouveia and Don Garman10:281
38Norman Xiong and Cian Foley10:391
38Liam Johnston and Aidan McColgan10:391
39Nacho Elvira and John Van Wyk10:501
39Kyle McClatchie and Johan Van Zyl10:501
40Daniel Brooks and Richard Bevan11:011
40Jordan Zunic and Liam Botham11:011
41Maximilian Kieffer and Wladimir Klitschko11:121
41Jaco Van Zyl and Schalk Burger11:121
42Pedro Oriol and Clay Walker11:231
42Richard McEvoy and Sir Steve Redgrave11:231
43Scott Jamieson and Duncan Simpson-Craib09:0010
43Deyen Lawson and Daniel Nathan09:0010
44Marcus Fraser and Harry Van Dyk09:1110
44Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Sam Hackner09:1110
45Søren Kjeldsen and Michael Lund09:2210
45Hideto Tanihara and Stephen Miron09:2210
46James Morrison and Hugh Roberts09:3310
46Soomin Lee and Ian Snow09:3310
47Pelle Edberg and Gerry Tvedt09:4410
47Callum Shinkwin and Mark Madden09:4410
48Jason Norris and Cris Lehman09:5510
48Darren Fichardt and Ashton Curtis09:5510
49Matthieu Pavon and Norbert Dentressangle10:0610
49Sébastien Gros and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle10:0610
50Grégory Havret and Philippe Bucheton10:1710
50Edoardo Molinari and Ludovico Del Balzo10:1710
51Adrien Saddier and Mike Fascitelli10:2810
51Harry Ellis and Manish Chopra10:2810
52Paul Peterson and Miguel Dueñas10:3910
52Sam Horsfield and Jo Lopez10:3910
53Austin Connelly and Barry Sternlicht10:5010
53Gavin Green and Daniel James10:5010
54Richard Bland and Michael Wang11:0110
54Grégory Bourdy and Graham Head11:0110
55Mikko Ilonen and Billy Dewsall11:1210
55Ken Duke and Dan Martin11:1210
56Jens Dantorp and David Kilburn11:2310
56James Marchesani and Adam Heindorff11:2310
57Pep Angles and Eleanor Cannon09:001
57Sam Locke and Maeve Danaher09:001
58Jinho Choi and Tony Bird09:111
58Jake McLeod and Wayne Quasha09:111
59Thomas Aiken and Gaynor Rupert09:221
59Jean-Paul Strydom and Lindy White09:221
60Ockie Strydom and Leigh Ord09:331
60Jordan Smith and Annesley MacFarlane09:331
61Jason Scrivener and Giuseppe Ciucci09:441
61Louis De Jager and Wendy Appelbaum09:441
62Sam Brazel and Gerard Rupert09:551
62Andrew Dodt and Graham Wainer09:551
63Richie Ramsay and Moss Ngoasheng10:061
63Alvaro Quiros and Paul Harris10:061
64Jacques Kruyswijk and Sean Summers10:171
64Ulrich Van Den Berg and Frank Vivier10:171
65Marcel Siem and John Tyson10:281
65Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone10:281
66Mike Lorenzo-Vera and Wijnand Pon10:391
66Stephen Gallacher and Shantanu Narayen10:391
67Peter Hanson and Hansjörg Wyss10:501
67Paul Dunne and Jeff Kelter10:501
68Oliver Gillberg and William Heyman11:011
68Jeunghun Wang and Stephen Marks11:011
69Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño and Pasco Alfaro11:121
69Alejandro Cañizares and Jan Bengtsson11:121
70Lasse Jensen and Christian Nellemann11:231
70Scott Hend and David MacFarlane11:231
71Tom Lewis and Tom Jermoluk09:0010
71Zac Blair and Seth Waugh09:0010
72Andy Sullivan and Billy Getty09:1110
72Shane Lowry and Gerry McManus09:1110
73Branden Grace and Johann Rupert09:2210
73Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps09:2210
74Graeme McDowell and Ed Brown09:3310
74Matt Kuchar and Ric Kayne09:3310
75Louis Oosthuizen and Selwyn Nathan09:4410
75Eddie Pepperell and David Walsh09:4410
76Matthew Fitzpatrick and Glenn Hutchins09:5510
76Thomas Pieters and Brian Higgins09:5510
77Brooks Koepka and Ricky Elliott10:0610
77Chase Koepka and Scott Mahoney10:0610
78Haotong Li and Allen Zhang10:1710
78Benjamin Hebert and Jerry Yang10:1710
79Tyrrell Hatton and Ruud Gullit10:2810
79Luke Donald and Ross Desmond10:2810
80Miguel Ángel Jiménez and Marco Saviozzi10:3910
80Ernie Els and Neels Els10:3910
81Brandon Stone and Alex Acquavella10:5010
81Padraig Harrington and JP McManus10:5010
82Ross Fisher and Anthony Wreford11:0110
82Martin Kaymer and Patrick Roeseler11:0110
83Tony Finau and Ryan Smith11:1210
83Alexander Björk and Dan Fireman11:1210
84David Howell and Hugh Grant11:2310
84Paul McGinley and Kyle MacLachlan11:2310
1Oliver Farr and Jean Malherbe09:001
1Kim Koivu and Martin Lightbody09:001
2Matthias Schwab and Gordon MacKenzie09:111
2Romain Wattel and Jay Varkey09:111
3Clément Sordet and Wilhelm Van Zyl
3Aaron Rai and Doug Engmann09:221
4Richard T Lee and John Hegarty09:331
4Norman Xiong and Cian Foley09:331
5Ricardo Gouveia and Don Garman09:441
5Liam Johnston and Aidan McColgan09:441
6Nacho Elvira and John Van Wyk09:551
6Daniel Brooks and Richard Bevan09:551
7Kyle McClatchie and Johan Van Zyl10:061
7Jordan Zunic and Liam Botham10:061
8Maximilian Kieffer and Wladimir Klitschko10:171
8Pedro Oriol and Clay Walker10:171
9Jaco Van Zyl and Schalk Burger10:281
9Richard McEvoy and Sir Steve Redgrave10:281
10Adam Bland and Peter Jones10:391
10Robert Rock and Brian McFadden10:391
11Simon Dyson and Steve Nicklaus10:501
11Bradley Dredge and Luke Wilson10:501
12Ajeetesh Sandhu and Allan Lamb11:011
12Jorge Campillo and Mark Nicholas11:011
13Matthew Jordan and Fourie Du Preez11:121
13Jaco Ahlers and Jacques Kallis11:121
14Julien Guerrier and Geoff Beattie11:231
14Ryan Evans and Peter Bowden11:231
15Callum Shinkwin and Mark Madden09:0010
15Darren Fichardt and Ashton Curtis09:0010
16Matthieu Pavon and Norbert Dentressangle09:1110
16Grégory Havret and Philippe Bucheton
17Sébastien Gros and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle
17Edoardo Molinari and Ludovico Del Balzo09:2210
18Adrien Saddier and Mike Fascitelli09:3310
18Paul Peterson and Miguel Dueñas
19Harry Ellis and Manish Chopra09:4410
19Sam Horsfield and Jo Lopez09:4410
20Austin Connelly and Barry Sternlicht09:5510
20Richard Bland and Michael Wang09:5510
21Gavin Green and Daniel James10:0610
21Grégory Bourdy and Graham Head
22Mikko Ilonen and Billy Dewsall10:1710
22Jens Dantorp and David Kilburn10:1710
23Ken Duke and Dan Martin10:2810
23James Marchesani and Adam Heindorff10:2810
24Scott Jamieson and Duncan Simpson-Craib10:3910
24Marcus Fraser and Harry Van Dyk10:3910
25Deyen Lawson and Daniel Nathan10:5010
25Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Sam Hackner10:5010
26Søren Kjeldsen and Michael Lund
26James Morrison and Hugh Roberts11:0110
27Hideto Tanihara and Stephen Miron11:1210
27Soomin Lee and Ian Snow11:1210
28Pelle Edberg and Gerry Tvedt11:2310
28Jason Norris and Cris Lehman11:2310
29Eddie Pepperell and David Walsh09:001
29Thomas Pieters and Brian Higgins09:001
30Brooks Koepka and Ricky Elliott09:111
30Chase Koepka and Scott Mahoney09:111
31Haotong Li and Allen Zhang09:221
31Benjamin Hebert and Jerry Yang09:221
32Tyrrell Hatton and Ruud Gullit09:331
32Miguel Ángel Jiménez and Marco Saviozzi
33Luke Donald and Ross Desmond09:441
33Ernie Els and Neels Els09:441
34Brandon Stone and Alex Acquavella09:551
34Ross Fisher and Anthony Wreford09:551
35Padraig Harrington and JP McManus10:061
35Martin Kaymer and Patrick Roeseler10:061
36Tony Finau and Ryan Smith10:171
36David Howell and Hugh Grant10:171
37Alexander Björk and Dan Fireman
37Paul McGinley and Kyle MacLachlan10:281
38Tom Lewis and Tom Jermoluk10:391
38Andy Sullivan and Billy Getty10:391
39Zac Blair and Seth Waugh10:501
39Shane Lowry and Gerry McManus10:501
40Branden Grace and Johann Rupert11:011
40Graeme McDowell and Ed Brown11:011
41Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps11:121
41Matt Kuchar and Ric Kayne11:121
42Louis Oosthuizen and Selwyn Nathan11:231
42Matthew Fitzpatrick and Glenn Hutchins11:231
43Louis De Jager and Wendy Appelbaum09:0010
43Andrew Dodt and Graham Wainer09:0010
44Richie Ramsay and Moss Ngoasheng09:1110
44Jacques Kruyswijk and Sean Summers09:1110
45Alvaro Quiros and Paul Harris09:2210
45Ulrich Van Den Berg and Frank Vivier09:2210
46Marcel Siem and John Tyson09:3310
46Mike Lorenzo-Vera and Wijnand Pon09:3310
47Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone09:4410
47Stephen Gallacher and Shantanu Narayen09:4410
48Peter Hanson and Hansjörg Wyss09:5510
48Oliver Gillberg and William Heyman09:5510
49Paul Dunne and Jeff Kelter10:0610
49Jeunghun Wang and Stephen Marks10:0610
50Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño and Pasco Alfaro
50Lasse Jensen and Christian Nellemann10:1710
51Alejandro Cañizares and Jan Bengtsson
51Scott Hend and David MacFarlane10:2810
52Pep Angles and Eleanor Cannon10:3910
52Jinho Choi and Tony Bird10:3910
53Sam Locke and Maeve Danaher10:5010
53Jake McLeod and Wayne Quasha10:5010
54Thomas Aiken and Gaynor Rupert11:0110
54Ockie Strydom and Leigh Ord11:0110
55Jean-Paul Strydom and Lindy White11:1210
55Jordan Smith and Annesley MacFarlane11:1210
56Jason Scrivener and Giuseppe Ciucci11:2310
56Sam Brazel and Gerard Rupert11:2310
57Oliver Bekker and Hickman Bacon09:001
57Chris Hanson and Brett Desmond09:001
58Peter Karmis and Hilgon Van Breda09:111
58Ashley Chesters and Erwee Botha09:111
59Laurie Canter and Rurik Gobel09:221
59Pablo Larrazábal and Allan Stanton
60David Drysdale and Matt Woolf09:331
60Wade Ormsby and Ian Todd09:331
61Freddie Jacobson and Kieran McManus09:441
61Renato Paratore and Andrew White09:441
62Bradley Neil and Dillie Malherbe09:551
62Scott Fernandez and Alan Quasha09:551
63Brett Rumford and Jabu Mabuza10:061
63Jonathan Thomson and Jeremy Ord10:061
64Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson10:171
64JC Ritchie and Dilip Thomas10:171
65Nino Bertasio and Charles Ayres10:281
65Steven Brown and Heidi Ueberroth10:281
66Joakim Lagergren and Rob Hersov10:391
66Phachara Khongwatmai and Ahmed Tayeb10:391
67Tapio Pulkkanen and Robert Hissom10:501
67Zander Lombard and Bob Diamond10:501
68Lucas Herbert and Nikesh Arora11:011
68Adrian Otaegui and Abdullah Al Naboodah11:011
69Robert Karlsson and Dermot Desmond11:121
69Marc Warren and Martin Gilbert11:121
70Daniel Im and Oliver Baker11:231
70Carlos Pigem and Beltrán Gómez-Acebo
71David Lipsky and Rob Light09:0010
71Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin09:0010
72Oliver Fisher and Huey Lewis09:1110
72Justin Walters and Mike Rutherford09:1110
73Haydn Porteous and Tico Torres09:2210
73Connor Syme and Dave Farrell09:2210
74David Horsey and Piers Morgan09:3310
74Ryan Fox and Shane Warne09:3310
75Lee Slattery and Kevin Pietersen09:4410
75Michael Hoey and Michael Vaughan09:4410
76Chris Wood and Ric Lewis09:5510
76George Coetzee and Rob Louw09:5510
77Trevor Immelman and Greg Kinnear10:0610
77Matt Wallace and Kelly Slater10:0610
78Nicolas Colsaerts and Tom Chaplin10:1710
78Richard Sterne and Bill Murray10:1710
79Robin Dawson and Brian O'Driscoll10:2810
79Jamie Donaldson and Sir Anthony McCoy10:2810
80Raphaël Jacquelin and Ernesto Bertarelli
80Matteo Manassero and Sergio Balbinot10:3910
81Dean Burmester and Matthew Goode10:5010
81Chris Paisley and Ian Webb10:5010
82Alexander Levy and Pascal Grizot11:0110
82Erik Van Rooyen and Mohammad Farooq11:0110
83Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin11:1210
83Thongchai Jaidee and Scott Desano11:1210
84Doug Ghim and Bret Baier11:2310
84Thomas Detry and Ronan Keating11:2310
1Tyrrell Hatton and Ruud Gullit09:001
1Ernie Els and Neels Els09:001
2Luke Donald and Ross Desmond09:111
2Miguel Ángel Jiménez and Marco Saviozzi
3Brandon Stone and Alex Acquavella09:221
3Martin Kaymer and Patrick Roeseler09:221
4Padraig Harrington and JP McManus09:331
4Ross Fisher and Anthony Wreford09:331
5Tony Finau and Ryan Smith09:441
5Paul McGinley and Kyle MacLachlan09:441
6Alexander Björk and Dan Fireman
6David Howell and Hugh Grant09:551
7Branden Grace and Johann Rupert10:061
7Matt Kuchar and Ric Kayne10:061
8Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps10:171
8Graeme McDowell and Ed Brown10:171
9Louis Oosthuizen and Selwyn Nathan10:281
9Thomas Pieters and Brian Higgins10:281
10Eddie Pepperell and David Walsh10:391
10Matthew Fitzpatrick and Glenn Hutchins10:391
11Brooks Koepka and Ricky Elliott10:501
11Chase Koepka and Scott Mahoney10:501
12Haotong Li and Allen Zhang11:011
12Benjamin Hebert and Jerry Yang11:011
13Tom Lewis and Tom Jermoluk11:121
13Shane Lowry and Gerry McManus11:121
14Zac Blair and Seth Waugh11:231
14Andy Sullivan and Billy Getty11:231
15Marcel Siem and John Tyson09:0010
15Stephen Gallacher and Shantanu Narayen09:0010
16Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone09:1110
16Mike Lorenzo-Vera and Wijnand Pon09:1110
17Peter Hanson and Hansjörg Wyss
17Jeunghun Wang and Stephen Marks09:2210
18Paul Dunne and Jeff Kelter09:3310
18Oliver Gillberg and William Heyman09:3310
19Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño and Pasco Alfaro
19Scott Hend and David MacFarlane09:4410
20Alejandro Cañizares and Jan Bengtsson
20Lasse Jensen and Christian Nellemann09:5510
21Thomas Aiken and Gaynor Rupert10:0610
21Jean-Paul Strydom and Lindy White10:0610
22Ockie Strydom and Leigh Ord10:1710
22Jordan Smith and Annesley MacFarlane10:1710
23Jason Scrivener and Giuseppe Ciucci10:2810
23Andrew Dodt and Graham Wainer10:2810
24Louis De Jager and Wendy Appelbaum10:3910
24Sam Brazel and Gerard Rupert10:3910
25Richie Ramsay and Moss Ngoasheng10:5010
25Ulrich Van Den Berg and Frank Vivier10:5010
26Alvaro Quiros and Paul Harris11:0110
26Jacques Kruyswijk and Sean Summers11:0110
27Pep Angles and Eleanor Cannon11:1210
27Jake McLeod and Wayne Quasha11:1210
28Sam Locke and Maeve Danaher11:2310
28Jinho Choi and Tony Bird11:2310
29David Horsey and Piers Morgan09:001
29Michael Hoey and Michael Vaughan09:001
30Lee Slattery and Kevin Pietersen09:111
30Ryan Fox and Shane Warne09:111
31Thomas Detry and Ronan Keating09:221
31Matt Wallace and Kelly Slater09:221
32Trevor Immelman and Greg Kinnear09:331
32George Coetzee and Rob Louw09:331
33Nicolas Colsaerts and Tom Chaplin09:441
33Jamie Donaldson and Sir Anthony McCoy09:441
34Robin Dawson and Brian O'Driscoll09:551
34Richard Sterne and Bill Murray09:551
35Alexander Levy and Pascal Grizot10:061
35Thongchai Jaidee and Scott Desano10:061
36Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin10:171
36Erik Van Rooyen and Mohammad Farooq10:171
37Doug Ghim and Bret Baier10:281
37Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin10:281
38David Lipsky and Rob Light10:391
38Chris Wood and Ric Lewis10:391
39Oliver Fisher and Huey Lewis10:501
39Connor Syme and Dave Farrell10:501
40Haydn Porteous and Tico Torres11:011
40Justin Walters and Mike Rutherford11:011
41Raphaël Jacquelin and Ernesto Bertarelli
41Chris Paisley and Ian Webb11:121
42Dean Burmester and Matthew Goode11:231
42Matteo Manassero and Sergio Balbinot11:231
43David Drysdale and Matt Woolf09:0010
43Renato Paratore and Andrew White09:0010
44Freddie Jacobson and Kieran McManus09:1110
44Wade Ormsby and Ian Todd09:1110
45Bradley Neil and Dillie Malherbe09:2210
45Jonathan Thomson and Jeremy Ord09:2210
46Brett Rumford and Jabu Mabuza09:3310
46Scott Fernandez and Alan Quasha09:3310
47Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson09:4410
47Steven Brown and Heidi Ueberroth09:4410
48Nino Bertasio and Charles Ayres09:5510
48JC Ritchie and Dilip Thomas09:5510
49Lucas Herbert and Nikesh Arora10:0610
49Marc Warren and Martin Gilbert10:0610
50Robert Karlsson and Dermot Desmond10:1710
50Adrian Otaegui and Abdullah Al Naboodah10:1710
51Daniel Im and Oliver Baker10:2810
51Chris Hanson and Brett Desmond10:2810
52Oliver Bekker and Hickman Bacon10:3910
52Carlos Pigem and Beltrán Gómez-Acebo
53Peter Karmis and Hilgon Van Breda10:5010
53Pablo Larrazábal and Allan Stanton
54Laurie Canter and Rurik Gobel11:0110
54Ashley Chesters and Erwee Botha11:0110
55Joakim Lagergren and Rob Hersov11:1210
55Zander Lombard and Bob Diamond11:1210
56Tapio Pulkkanen and Robert Hissom11:2310
56Phachara Khongwatmai and Ahmed Tayeb11:2310
57Adrien Saddier and Mike Fascitelli09:001
57Sam Horsfield and Jo Lopez09:001
58Harry Ellis and Manish Chopra09:111
58Paul Peterson and Miguel Dueñas
59Austin Connelly and Barry Sternlicht09:221
59Grégory Bourdy and Graham Head
60Gavin Green and Daniel James09:331
60Richard Bland and Michael Wang09:331
61Mikko Ilonen and Billy Dewsall09:441
61James Marchesani and Adam Heindorff09:441
62Ken Duke and Dan Martin09:551
62Jens Dantorp and David Kilburn09:551
63Søren Kjeldsen and Michael Lund
63Soomin Lee and Ian Snow10:061
64Hideto Tanihara and Stephen Miron10:171
64James Morrison and Hugh Roberts10:171
65Pelle Edberg and Gerry Tvedt10:281
65Darren Fichardt and Ashton Curtis10:281
66Callum Shinkwin and Mark Madden10:391
66Jason Norris and Cris Lehman10:391
67Matthieu Pavon and Norbert Dentressangle10:501
67Edoardo Molinari and Ludovico Del Balzo10:501
68Sébastien Gros and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle
68Grégory Havret and Philippe Bucheton
69Scott Jamieson and Duncan Simpson-Craib11:121
69Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Sam Hackner11:121
70Deyen Lawson and Daniel Nathan11:231
70Marcus Fraser and Harry Van Dyk11:231
71Richard T Lee and John Hegarty09:0010
71Liam Johnston and Aidan McColgan09:0010
72Ricardo Gouveia and Don Garman09:1110
72Norman Xiong and Cian Foley09:1110
73Nacho Elvira and John Van Wyk09:2210
73Jordan Zunic and Liam Botham09:2210
74Kyle McClatchie and Johan Van Zyl09:3310
74Daniel Brooks and Richard Bevan09:3310
75Maximilian Kieffer and Wladimir Klitschko09:4410
75Richard McEvoy and Sir Steve Redgrave09:4410
76Jaco Van Zyl and Schalk Burger09:5510
76Pedro Oriol and Clay Walker09:5510
77Ajeetesh Sandhu and Allan Lamb10:0610
77Jaco Ahlers and Jacques Kallis10:0610
78Matthew Jordan and Fourie Du Preez10:1710
78Jorge Campillo and Mark Nicholas10:1710
79Julien Guerrier and Geoff Beattie10:2810
79Kim Koivu and Martin Lightbody10:2810
80Oliver Farr and Jean Malherbe10:3910
80Ryan Evans and Peter Bowden10:3910
81Matthias Schwab and Gordon MacKenzie10:5010
81Aaron Rai and Doug Engmann10:5010
82Clément Sordet and Wilhelm Van Zyl
82Romain Wattel and Jay Varkey11:0110
83Adam Bland and Peter Jones11:1210
83Bradley Dredge and Luke Wilson11:1210
84Simon Dyson and Steve Nicklaus11:2310
84Robert Rock and Brian McFadden11:2310
1Chris Wood and Ric Lewis08:302
Freddie Jacobson and Kieran McManus
2Richie Ramsay and Moss Ngoasheng08:303
Marcel Siem and John Tyson
3Alvaro Quiros and Paul Harris08:304
Robin Dawson and Brian O'Driscoll
4Deyen Lawson08:305A
Chris Paisley
Pablo Larrazábal
5Eddie Pepperell08:405B
Jason Scrivener
Louis Oosthuizen
6Darren Fichardt08:306A
Alejandro Cañizares
Matt Wallace
7Adrien Saddier08:406B
Renato Paratore
Robert Rock
8Christiaan Bezuidenhout08:307
Jake Mcleod
Haotong Li and Allen Zhang
9Julien Guerrier08:308
Thomas Pieters and Brian Higgins
Jordan Smith
10James Morrison08:309
Branden Grace
Søren Kjeldsen
11Thongchai Jaidee and Scott Desano08:3010A
Mikko Ilonen
12Trevor Immelman08:4010B
Thomas Detry
Ernie Els
13Pep Angles08:3011
Clément Sordet
Ashley Chesters and Erwee Botha
14Oliver Fisher08:3012
Alexander Levy
Peter Hanson
15Nacho Elvira and John Van Wyk08:3013
Lee Slattery
Andy Sullivan
16Peter Karmis08:3014A
Oliver Bekker
Matthew Jordan and Fourie Du Preez
17Matt Kuchar08:4014B
Tony Finau and Ryan Smith
18Padraig Harrington08:3015A
Tom Lewis
Matthieu Pavon
19Lucas Herbert08:4015B
Nicolas Colsaerts
Ross Fisher
20Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone08:3016
Ryan Fox and Shane Warne
21Benjamin Hebert08:3017A
Tapio Pulkkanen and Robert Hissom
22Edoardo Molinari08:4017B
Matthias Schwab
Brooks Koepka
23Brandon Stone and Alex Acquavella08:3018
Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin
24Andrea Pavan08:301A
Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps
25Stephen Gallacher08:401B
Marcus Fraser and Harry Van Dyk
Tyrrell Hatton