St Andrews:
1Wil Besseling and Ruud Gullit09:001
1Nicolai Højgaard and Andrii Shevchenko09:001
2Tom Lewis and Tom Jermoluk09:111
2Russell Knox and Nikesh Arora09:111
3Andrew Johnston and Luke Wilson09:221
3D A Points and Bill Murray09:221
4Euan Walker and Michael Vaughan09:331
4Hideto Tanihara and Peter Jones09:331
5Nicolas Colsaerts and Sir Steve Redgrave09:441
5Pablo Larrazábal and Allan Stanton09:441
6Dimitrios Papadatos and Rob Louw09:551
6Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Ahmad Rashad09:551
7Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Schalk Burger10:061
7Matthias Schwab and Wladimir Klitschko10:061
8Andy Sullivan and Sir Anthony McCoy10:171
8Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño and Facundo Pieres10:171
9Jaco Ahlers and Mark Boucher10:281
9Min Woo Lee and Jacques Kallis10:281
10Callan O'Reilly and Allan Lamb10:391
10Harrison Endycott and Sir Ian Botham10:391
11Robert Rock and Brian McFadden10:501
11Louis De Jager and Mike Rutherford10:501
12Edoardo Molinari and Dave Farrell11:011
12Tom Sloman and Brad Simpson11:011
13Stephen Gallacher and Felix Neureuther11:121
13Trevor Immelman and Greg Kinnear11:121
14Ryan Fox and Shane Warne11:231
14Julian Suri and Huey Lewis11:231
15Kalle Samooja and Eleanor Cannon09:0010
15Jake Burnage and Maeve Danaher09:0010
16Nino Bertasio and Patricia Sawers09:1110
16Jamie Donaldson and Louise Del Balzo09:1110
17Oliver Fisher and Hans Kertess09:2210
17Richard McEvoy and Hansjörg Wyss09:2210
18Philip Eriksson and Mike Fascitelli09:3310
18Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone09:3310
19Richard Sterne and Henry Hickman Bacon09:4410
19George Coetzee and Aidan Crawley09:4410
20Grant Forrest and Oliver Baker09:5510
20Justin Walters and Amit Bhatia09:5510
21Victor Perez and Norbert Dentressangle10:0610
21Raphaël Jacquelin and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle10:0610
22Matthieu Pavon and Miguel Dueñas10:1710
22Julien Guerrier and Beltrán Gómez-Acebo10:1710
23Jordan Smith and Moss Ngoasheng10:2810
23Liam Johnston and Scott Mahoney10:2810
24Joost Luiten and Wijnand Pon10:3910
24Jack Singh Brar and Barry Sternlicht10:3910
25Chris Paisley and Jabu Mabuza10:5010
25Thomas Detry and Billy Getty10:5010
26Kristoffer Reitan and Mark Madden11:0110
26Adri Arnaus and Brett Desmond11:0110
27David Drysdale and Matt Woolf11:1210
27Gavin Green and Mandla Mlangeni11:1210
28Masahiro Kawamura and Nicholas Jonsson11:2310
28Guido Migliozzi and Daniel James11:2310
29Oliver Wilson and Ian Webb09:001
29Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson09:001
30Chris Wood and Ric Lewis09:111
30Søren Kjeldsen and Michael Lund09:111
31Thomas Aiken and Gaynor Rupert09:221
31Jake Roos and Lindy White09:221
32Callum Shinkwin and Jeff Pickard09:331
32Johannes Veerman and Mark Nesbitt09:331
33Dean Burmester and Guy Sanan09:441
33David Lipsky and Ryan Friedkin09:441
34Alexander Björk and Greg Maffei09:551
34Benjamin Hebert and Matthew Goode09:551
35Thomas Bjørn and Ross Desmond10:061
35John Catlin and Anthony Wreford10:061
36Wade Ormsby and Ian Todd10:171
36James Morrison and Hugh Roberts10:171
37Yusaku Miyazato and Ken Hitchner10:281
37Bryce Easton and Abdullah Al Naboodah10:281
38Jeunghun Wang and John Fry10:391
38Daniel Hillier and Ric Kayne10:391
39Lee Slattery and Kieran McManus10:501
39Jacques Kruyswijk and Gerry Tvedt10:501
40Thongchai Jaidee and Thabo Mosololi11:011
40Alvaro Quiros and Dan Martin11:011
41Joakim Lagergren and Frank Vivier11:121
41JC Ritchie and Jay Varkey11:121
42Jason Scrivener and Andrew White11:231
42David Horsey and Billy Dewsall11:231
43Shane Lowry and Gerry McManus09:0010
43Justin Harding and Vinnie Jones09:0010
44Matt Wallace and Brian Higgins09:1110
44Graeme McDowell and Ed Brown09:1110
45Wilco Nienaber and Johann Rupert09:2210
45Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps09:2210
46Branden Grace and Jeremy Ord09:3310
46Ernie Els and Rurik Gobel09:3310
47Padraig Harrington and JP McManus09:4410
47Rafa Cabrera Bello and Dermot Desmond09:4410
48Jon Rahm and Edorta Rahm09:5510
48Matthew Fitzpatrick and Luis Figo09:5510
49Rory McIlroy and Gerry McIlroy10:0610
49Danny Willett and Mohammed Farooq10:0610
50Eddie Pepperell and AB de Villiers10:1710
50Bernd Wiesberger and Kevin Pietersen10:1710
51Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin10:2810
51Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin10:2810
52Erik Van Rooyen and Dillie Malherbe10:3910
52Tyrrell Hatton and Tim Edwards10:3910
53Alex Noren and Ernesto Bertarelli10:5010
53Haotong Li and Allen Zhang10:5010
54Robert MacIntyre and Ashton Curtis11:0110
54Martin Kaymer and Horst Kaymer11:0110
55Justin Rose and Justin Timberlake11:1210
55Tony Finau and Ryan Smith11:1210
56Luke Donald and Jamie Redknapp11:2310
56Lee Westwood and Ronan Keating11:2310
57Steven Brown and Korn Chatikavanij09:001
57Nacho Elvira and Alex Acquavella09:001
58Robert Karlsson and Paul Harris09:111
58Andres Romero and William Heyman09:111
59Zander Lombard and Dan Fireman09:221
59Scott Jamieson and Cian Foley09:221
60Michael Campbell and Manish Chopra09:331
60Bradley Dredge and John Van Wyk09:331
61Marcus Fraser and Marco Saviozzi09:441
61Harry Hall and Graham Head09:441
62Darren Fichardt and Hilgon Van Breda09:551
62Tapio Pulkkanen and Rob Hersov09:551
63Brandon Wu and Jim Crane10:061
63Sam Horsfield and Todd Wagner10:061
64Gaganjeet Bhullar and Sean Summers10:171
64Aaron Rai and Stephen Miron10:171
65Neil Schietekat and Denis Bowden10:281
65Jens Dantorp and Wayne Quasha10:281
66Hugo Leon and David Kilburn10:391
66Lucas Herbert and Philippe Bucheton10:391
67Renato Paratore and Ludovico Del Balzo10:501
67Sihwan Kim and Geoff Beattie10:501
68Jarryd Felton and Wilhelm Van Zyl11:011
68Jake McLeod and Gerard Rupert11:011
69Ashley Chesters and Michael Wang11:121
69Daniel Nisbet and Charlie Van Dyk11:121
70Paul Waring and Tony Bird11:231
70Adrian Otaegui and Ferdinand Groos11:231
71Alexander Levy and Pascal Grizot09:0010
71Mike Lorenzo-Vera and Nick Acquavella09:0010
72Romain Wattel and Robert Hissom09:1110
72Romain Langasque and Dilip Thomas09:1110
73Berry Henson and Liam Botham09:2210
73Matthew Jordan and Mark Nicholas09:2210
74Thriston Lawrence and Harry Van Dyk09:3310
74Terry Pilkadaris and Simon Doull09:3310
75Brandon Stone and Brett Pickett09:4410
75Simon Hawkes and Duncan Simpson-Craib09:4410
76Sean Crocker and Peter Bowden09:5510
76Sebastian Soderberg and Jan Bengtsson09:5510
77Fabrizio Zanotti and Joseph Lopez10:0610
77Keenan Davidse and Jannie Durand10:0610
78Alex Haindl and Bob Diamond10:1710
78Haydn Porteous and Martin Gilbert10:1710
79Rikard Karlberg and Walter Hussman Jr10:2810
79David Howell and Stewart Forsyth10:2810
80Paul Dunne and Jeff Kelter10:3910
80Michael G Palmer and Giuseppe Ciucci10:3910
81Victor Dubuisson and John Hegarty10:5010
81Ross Fisher and Charles Ayres10:5010
82Calum Hill and John Tyson11:0110
82Joachim B. Hansen and Erwee Botha11:0110
83Richie Ramsay and Richard Bevan11:1210
83David Law and Scott Desano11:1210
84Ricardo Gouveia and Bob Israel11:2310
84Shubhankar Sharma and Johan Van Zyl11:2310
St Andrews:
1Simon Hawkes and Duncan Simpson-Craib09:001
1Sebastian Soderberg and Jan Bengtsson09:001
2Fabrizio Zanotti and Joseph Lopez09:111
2Alex Haindl and Bob Diamond09:111
3Keenan Davidse and Jannie Durand09:221
3Haydn Porteous and Martin Gilbert09:221
4Rikard Karlberg and Walter Hussman Jr09:331
4Paul Dunne and Jeff Kelter09:331
5David Howell and Stewart Forsyth09:441
5Michael G Palmer and Giuseppe Ciucci09:441
6Victor Dubuisson and John Hegarty09:551
6Calum Hill and John Tyson09:551
7Ross Fisher and Charles Ayres10:061
7Joachim B. Hansen and Erwee Botha10:061
8Richie Ramsay and Richard Bevan10:171
8Ricardo Gouveia and Bob Israel10:171
9David Law and Scott Desano10:281
9Shubhankar Sharma and Johan Van Zyl10:281
10Alexander Levy and Pascal Grizot10:391
10Romain Wattel and Robert Hissom10:391
11Mike Lorenzo-Vera and Nick Acquavella10:501
11Romain Langasque and Dilip Thomas10:501
12Berry Henson and Liam Botham11:011
12Thriston Lawrence and Harry Van Dyk11:011
13Matthew Jordan and Mark Nicholas11:121
13Terry Pilkadaris and Simon Doull11:121
14Brandon Stone and Brett Pickett11:231
14Sean Crocker and Peter Bowden11:231
15Harry Hall and Graham Head09:0010
15Tapio Pulkkanen and Rob Hersov09:0010
16Brandon Wu and Jim Crane09:1110
16Gaganjeet Bhullar and Sean Summers09:1110
17Sam Horsfield and Todd Wagner09:2210
17Aaron Rai and Stephen Miron09:2210
18Neil Schietekat and Denis Bowden09:3310
18Hugo Leon and David Kilburn09:3310
19Jens Dantorp and Wayne Quasha09:4410
19Lucas Herbert and Philippe Bucheton09:4410
20Renato Paratore and Ludovico Del Balzo09:5510
20Jarryd Felton and Wilhelm Van Zyl09:5510
21Sihwan Kim and Geoff Beattie10:0610
21Jake McLeod and Gerard Rupert10:0610
22Ashley Chesters and Michael Wang10:1710
22Paul Waring and Tony Bird10:1710
23Daniel Nisbet and Charlie Van Dyk10:2810
23Adrian Otaegui and Ferdinand Groos10:2810
24Steven Brown and Korn Chatikavanij10:3910
24Robert Karlsson and Paul Harris10:3910
25Nacho Elvira and Alex Acquavella10:5010
25Andres Romero and William Heyman10:5010
26Zander Lombard and Dan Fireman11:0110
26Michael Campbell and Manish Chopra11:0110
27Scott Jamieson and Cian Foley11:1210
27Bradley Dredge and John Van Wyk11:1210
28Marcus Fraser and Marco Saviozzi11:2310
28Darren Fichardt and Hilgon Van Breda11:2310
29George Coetzee and Aidan Crawley09:001
29Justin Walters and Amit Bhatia09:001
30Victor Perez and Norbert Dentressangle09:111
30Matthieu Pavon and Miguel Dueñas09:111
31Raphaël Jacquelin and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle09:221
31Julien Guerrier and Beltrán Gómez-Acebo09:221
32Jordan Smith and Moss Ngoasheng09:331
32Joost Luiten and Wijnand Pon09:331
33Liam Johnston and Scott Mahoney09:441
33Jack Singh Brar and Barry Sternlicht09:441
34Chris Paisley and Jabu Mabuza09:551
34Kristoffer Reitan and Mark Madden09:551
35Thomas Detry and Billy Getty10:061
35Adri Arnaus and Brett Desmond10:061
36David Drysdale and Matt Woolf10:171
36Masahiro Kawamura and Nicholas Jonsson10:171
37Gavin Green and Mandla Mlangeni10:281
37Guido Migliozzi and Daniel James10:281
38Kalle Samooja and Eleanor Cannon10:391
38Nino Bertasio and Patricia Sawers10:391
39Jake Burnage and Maeve Danaher10:501
39Jamie Donaldson and Louise Del Balzo10:501
40Oliver Fisher and Hans Kertess11:011
40Philip Eriksson and Mike Fascitelli11:011
41Richard McEvoy and Hansjörg Wyss11:121
41Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone11:121
42Richard Sterne and Henry Hickman Bacon11:231
42Grant Forrest and Oliver Baker11:231
43Pablo Larrazábal and Allan Stanton09:0010
43Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Ahmad Rashad09:0010
44Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Schalk Burger09:1110
44Andy Sullivan and Sir Anthony McCoy09:1110
45Matthias Schwab and Wladimir Klitschko09:2210
45Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño and Facundo Pieres09:2210
46Jaco Ahlers and Mark Boucher09:3310
46Callan O'Reilly and Allan Lamb09:3310
47Min Woo Lee and Jacques Kallis09:4410
47Harrison Endycott and Sir Ian Botham09:4410
48Robert Rock and Brian McFadden09:5510
48Edoardo Molinari and Dave Farrell09:5510
49Louis De Jager and Mike Rutherford10:0610
49Tom Sloman and Brad Simpson10:0610
50Stephen Gallacher and Felix Neureuther10:1710
50Ryan Fox and Shane Warne10:1710
51Trevor Immelman and Greg Kinnear10:2810
51Julian Suri and Huey Lewis10:2810
52Wil Besseling and Ruud Gullit10:3910
52Tom Lewis and Tom Jermoluk10:3910
53Nicolai Højgaard and Andrii Shevchenko10:5010
53Russell Knox and Nikesh Arora10:5010
54Andrew Johnston and Luke Wilson11:0110
54Euan Walker and Michael Vaughan11:0110
55D A Points and Bill Murray11:1210
55Hideto Tanihara and Peter Jones11:1210
56Nicolas Colsaerts and Sir Steve Redgrave11:2310
56Dimitrios Papadatos and Rob Louw11:2310
57Rafa Cabrera Bello and Dermot Desmond09:001
57Matthew Fitzpatrick and Luis Figo09:001
58Rory McIlroy and Gerry McIlroy09:111
58Eddie Pepperell and AB de Villiers09:111
59Danny Willett and Mohammed Farooq09:221
59Bernd Wiesberger and Kevin Pietersen09:221
60Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin09:331
60Erik Van Rooyen and Dillie Malherbe09:331
61Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin09:441
61Tyrrell Hatton and Tim Edwards09:441
62Alex Noren and Ernesto Bertarelli09:551
62Robert MacIntyre and Ashton Curtis09:551
63Haotong Li and Allen Zhang10:061
63Martin Kaymer and Horst Kaymer10:061
64Justin Rose and Justin Timberlake10:171
64Luke Donald and Jamie Redknapp10:171
65Tony Finau and Ryan Smith10:281
65Lee Westwood and Ronan Keating10:281
66Shane Lowry and Gerry McManus10:391
66Matt Wallace and Brian Higgins10:391
67Justin Harding and Vinnie Jones10:501
67Graeme McDowell and Ed Brown10:501
68Wilco Nienaber and Johann Rupert11:011
68Branden Grace and Jeremy Ord11:011
69Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps11:121
69Ernie Els and Rurik Gobel11:121
70Padraig Harrington and JP McManus11:231
70Jon Rahm and Edorta Rahm11:231
71David Lipsky and Ryan Friedkin09:0010
71Benjamin Hebert and Matthew Goode09:0010
72Thomas Bjørn and Ross Desmond09:1110
72Wade Ormsby and Ian Todd09:1110
73John Catlin and Anthony Wreford09:2210
73James Morrison and Hugh Roberts09:2210
74Yusaku Miyazato and Ken Hitchner09:3310
74Jeunghun Wang and John Fry09:3310
75Bryce Easton and Abdullah Al Naboodah09:4410
75Daniel Hillier and Ric Kayne09:4410
76Lee Slattery and Kieran McManus09:5510
76Thongchai Jaidee and Thabo Mosololi09:5510
77Jacques Kruyswijk and Gerry Tvedt10:0610
77Alvaro Quiros and Dan Martin10:0610
78Joakim Lagergren and Frank Vivier10:1710
78Jason Scrivener and Andrew White10:1710
79JC Ritchie and Jay Varkey10:2810
79David Horsey and Billy Dewsall10:2810
80Oliver Wilson and Ian Webb10:3910
80Chris Wood and Ric Lewis10:3910
81Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson10:5010
81Søren Kjeldsen and Michael Lund10:5010
82Thomas Aiken and Gaynor Rupert11:0110
82Jake Roos and Lindy White11:0110
83Callum Shinkwin and Jeff Pickard11:1210
83Johannes Veerman and Mark Nesbitt11:1210
84Dean Burmester and Guy Sanan11:2310
84Alexander Björk and Greg Maffei11:2310
St Andrews:
1Lucas Bjerregaard and Dan Friedkin09:001
1Tyrrell Hatton and Tim Edwards09:001
2Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin09:111
2Erik Van Rooyen and Dillie Malherbe09:111
3Alex Noren and Ernesto Bertarelli09:221
3Martin Kaymer and Horst Kaymer09:221
4Haotong Li and Allen Zhang09:331
4Robert MacIntyre and Ashton Curtis09:331
5Justin Rose and Justin Timberlake09:441
5Lee Westwood and Ronan Keating09:441
6Tony Finau and Ryan Smith09:551
6Luke Donald and Jamie Redknapp09:551
7Wilco Nienaber and Johann Rupert10:061
7Ernie Els and Rurik Gobel10:061
8Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps10:171
8Branden Grace and Jeremy Ord10:171
9Padraig Harrington and JP McManus10:281
9Matthew Fitzpatrick and Luis Figo10:281
10Rafa Cabrera Bello and Dermot Desmond10:391
10Bernd Wiesberger and Kevin Pietersen10:391
11Jon Rahm and Edorta Rahm10:501
11Rory McIlroy and Gerry McIlroy10:501
12Danny Willett and Mohammed Farooq11:011
12Eddie Pepperell and AB de Villiers11:011
13Shane Lowry and Gerry McManus11:121
13Graeme McDowell and Ed Brown11:121
14Justin Harding and Vinnie Jones11:231
14Matt Wallace and Brian Higgins11:231
15Yusaku Miyazato and Ken Hitchner09:0010
15Daniel Hillier and Ric Kayne09:0010
16Bryce Easton and Abdullah Al Naboodah09:1110
16Jeunghun Wang and John Fry09:1110
17Lee Slattery and Kieran McManus09:2210
17Alvaro Quiros and Dan Martin09:2210
18Jacques Kruyswijk and Gerry Tvedt09:3310
18Thongchai Jaidee and Thabo Mosololi09:3310
19Joakim Lagergren and Frank Vivier09:4410
19David Horsey and Billy Dewsall09:4410
20JC Ritchie and Jay Varkey09:5510
20Jason Scrivener and Andrew White09:5510
21Thomas Aiken and Gaynor Rupert10:0610
21Jake Roos and Lindy White10:0610
22Callum Shinkwin and Jeff Pickard10:1710
22Johannes Veerman and Mark Nesbitt10:1710
23Dean Burmester and Guy Sanan10:2810
23Benjamin Hebert and Matthew Goode10:2810
24David Lipsky and Ryan Friedkin10:3910
24Michael Hoey and Greg Maffei10:3910
25Thomas Bjørn and Ross Desmond10:5010
25James Morrison and Hugh Roberts10:5010
26John Catlin and Anthony Wreford11:0110
26Wade Ormsby and Ian Todd11:0110
27Oliver Wilson and Ian Webb11:1210
27Søren Kjeldsen and Michael Lund11:1210
28Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson11:2310
28Chris Wood and Ric Lewis11:2310
29Rikard Karlberg and Walter Hussman Jr09:001
29Michael G Palmer and Giuseppe Ciucci09:001
30David Howell and Stewart Forsyth09:111
30Paul Dunne and Jeff Kelter09:111
31Victor Dubuisson and John Hegarty09:221
31Joachim B. Hansen and Erwee Botha09:221
32Ross Fisher and Charles Ayres09:331
32Calum Hill and John Tyson09:331
33Richie Ramsay and Richard Bevan09:441
33Shubhankar Sharma and Johan Van Zyl09:441
34David Law and Scott Desano09:551
34Ricardo Gouveia and Bob Israel09:551
35Berry Henson and Liam Botham10:061
35Terry Pilkadaris and Simon Doull10:061
36Matthew Jordan and Mark Nicholas10:171
36Thriston Lawrence and Harry Van Dyk10:171
37Brandon Stone and Brett Pickett10:281
37Sebastian Soderberg and Jan Bengtsson10:281
38Simon Hawkes and Duncan Simpson-Craib10:391
38Sean Crocker and Peter Bowden10:391
39Fabrizio Zanotti and Joseph Lopez10:501
39Haydn Porteous and Martin Gilbert10:501
40Keenan Davidse and Jannie Durand11:011
40Alex Haindl and Bob Diamond11:011
41Alexander Levy and Pascal Grizot11:121
41Romain Langasque and Dilip Thomas11:121
42Mike Lorenzo-Vera and Nick Acquavella11:231
42Romain Wattel and Robert Hissom11:231
43Neil Schietekat and Denis Bowden09:0010
43Lucas Herbert and Philippe Bucheton09:0010
44Jens Dantorp and Wayne Quasha09:1110
44Hugo Leon and David Kilburn09:1110
45Renato Paratore and Ludovico Del Balzo09:2210
45Jake McLeod and Gerard Rupert09:2210
46Sihwan Kim and Geoff Beattie09:3310
46Jarryd Felton and Wilhelm Van Zyl09:3310
47Ashley Chesters and Michael Wang09:4410
47Adrian Otaegui and Ferdinand Groos09:4410
48Daniel Nisbet and Charlie Van Dyk09:5510
48Paul Waring and Tony Bird09:5510
49Zander Lombard and Dan Fireman10:0610
49Bradley Dredge and John Van Wyk10:0610
50Scott Jamieson and Cian Foley10:1710
50Michael Campbell and Manish Chopra10:1710
51Marcus Fraser and Marco Saviozzi10:2810
51Tapio Pulkkanen and Rob Hersov10:2810
52Harry Hall and Graham Head10:3910
52Darren Fichardt and Hilgon Van Breda10:3910
53Brandon Wu and Jim Crane10:5010
53Aaron Rai and Stephen Miron10:5010
54Sam Horsfield and Todd Wagner11:0110
54Gaganjeet Bhullar and Sean Summers11:0110
55Steven Brown and Korn Chatikavanij11:1210
55Andres Romero and William Heyman11:1210
56Nacho Elvira and Alex Acquavella11:2310
56Robert Karlsson and Paul Harris11:2310
57Jaco Ahlers and Mark Boucher09:001
57Harrison Endycott and Sir Ian Botham09:001
58Min Woo Lee and Jacques Kallis09:111
58Callan O'Reilly and Allan Lamb09:111
59Robert Rock and Brian McFadden09:221
59Tom Sloman and Brad Simpson09:221
60Louis De Jager and Mike Rutherford09:331
60Edoardo Molinari and Dave Farrell09:331
61Stephen Gallacher and Felix Neureuther09:441
61Julian Suri and Huey Lewis09:441
62Trevor Immelman and Greg Kinnear09:551
62Ryan Fox and Shane Warne09:551
63Andrew Johnston and Luke Wilson10:061
63Hideto Tanihara and Peter Jones10:061
64D A Points and Bill Murray10:171
64Euan Walker and Michael Vaughan10:171
65Nicolas Colsaerts and Sir Steve Redgrave10:281
65Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Ahmad Rashad10:281
66Pablo Larrazábal and Allan Stanton10:391
66Dimitrios Papadatos and Rob Louw10:391
67Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Schalk Burger10:501
67Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño and Facundo Pieres10:501
68Matthias Schwab and Wladimir Klitschko11:011
68Andy Sullivan and Sir Anthony McCoy11:011
69Wil Besseling and Ruud Gullit11:121
69Russell Knox and Nikesh Arora11:121
70Nicolai Højgaard and Andrii Shevchenko11:231
70Tom Lewis and Tom Jermoluk11:231
71Jordan Smith and Moss Ngoasheng09:0010
71Jack Singh Brar and Barry Sternlicht09:0010
72Liam Johnston and Scott Mahoney09:1110
72Joost Luiten and Wijnand Pon09:1110
73Chris Paisley and Jabu Mabuza09:2210
73Adri Arnaus and Brett Desmond09:2210
74Thomas Detry and Billy Getty09:3310
74Kristoffer Reitan and Mark Madden09:3310
75David Drysdale and Matt Woolf09:4410
75Guido Migliozzi and Daniel James09:4410
76Gavin Green and Mandla Mlangeni09:5510
76Masahiro Kawamura and Nicholas Jonsson09:5510
77Oliver Fisher and Hans Kertess10:0610
77Marcus Kinhult and Frank Quattrone10:0610
78Richard McEvoy and Hansjörg Wyss10:1710
78Philip Eriksson and Mike Fascitelli10:1710
79Richard Sterne and Henry Hickman Bacon10:2810
79Justin Walters and Amit Bhatia10:2810
80George Coetzee and Aidan Crawley10:3910
80Grant Forrest and Oliver Baker10:3910
81Victor Perez and Norbert Dentressangle10:5010
81Julien Guerrier and Beltrán Gómez-Acebo10:5010
82Raphaël Jacquelin and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle11:0110
82Matthieu Pavon and Miguel Dueñas11:0110
83Kalle Samooja and Eleanor Cannon11:1210
83Jamie Donaldson and Louise Del Balzo11:1210
84Jake Burnage and Maeve Danaher11:2310
84Nino Bertasio and Patricia Sawers11:2310
St Andrews:
1Ryan Fox
Victor Dubuisson
Rikard Karlberg
2Raphaël Jacquelin
Johannes Veerman
Tommy Fleetwood and Ogden Phipps
3Tom Lewis
Mike Lorenzo-vera
Lee Slattery
4Marcus Kinhult
Zander Lombard and Dan Fireman
Alvaro Quiros
5John Catlin
Rory McIlroy and Gerry McIlroy
Harry Hall
6Wil Besseling
Matt Wallace
Joost Luiten
7Scott Jamieson and Cian Foley
Oliver Fisher
David Horsey
8Grant Forrest
Dean Burmester
Tapio Pulkkanen
9Matthieu Pavon
Julien Guerrier
Fabrizio Zanotti
10Sam Horsfield
Oliver Wilson
27Rafa Cabrera Bello and Dermot Desmond
11George Coetzee and Aidan Crawley
Nicolai Højgaard and Andrii Shevchenko
12Jason Scrivener and Andrew White
25Shubhankar Sharma and Johan van Zyl
13Robert Karlsson
Danny Willett
Eddie Pepperell
14Sebastian Soderberg
Benjamin Hebert
Ricardo Gouveia
15Thomas Detry
Shane Lowry
Aaron Rai
16Matthew Fitzpatrick
Padraig Harrington
Callum Shinkwin
17Robert MacIntyre and Ashton Curtis
Haotong Li and Allen Zhang
18Alex Noren
Russell Knox
Justin Rose
19Richie Ramsay
Matthew Jordan
Calum Hill and John Tyson
20Jeunghun Wang
Lucas Bjerregaard
Tyrrell Hatton
21Luke Donald and Jamie Redknapp
Andrea Pavan and Chris Goodwin
22Jordan Smith and Moss Ngoasheng
Tony Finau and Ryan Smith
23Joakim Lagergren and Frank Vivier
Paul Waring and Tony Bird
24Matthew Southgate and Peter Dawson
Victor Perez and Norbert Dentressangle