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Victor Perez – Quick Quotes

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Friday, September 27, 2019 – Victor Perez Quick Quotes

4-under for today. Your thoughts on the round in general?
VICTOR PEREZ: Yeah, obviously played really well. I think the conditions were a bit trickier, I’d say. The wind changed on the back nine, so I thought it was playing a little bit different than expected after nine holes, and obviously very pleased with the round overall.
The putter could have been a bit hotter on the back nine, but I mean, I think it’s going to be the same for everybody through 72 holes. It’s not going to be all loosey-goosey and perfect for 72, so obviously very pleased, yeah.

Q. What do you think was key for you today? What do you think was working well for you out there?
VICTOR PEREZ: I drove it — I think everything was kind of working. I definitely took advantage of the driver. I think conditions were quite clean on the front nine, and I took advantage of some of par 5s and shorter holes where I was able to give myself some chances and knock a couple putts in, which was a little early. And then obviously the back nine, I kept giving myself chances but didn’t really capitalise.

Q. What about, as well, the format this week? Obviously it’s Pro-Am, slightly more relaxed. How have you enjoyed that with the amateurs and playing at the three different courses, as well?
VICTOR PEREZ: Yeah, I think it’s really fun. Like I was saying yesterday, I think we did that last year on The Challenge Tour at the Rolex trophy and it’s a similar concept playing with an amateur, obviously a bit more relaxed and just chatting around. We were fortunate this week, played with Matthieu today, Raphael yesterday and Julian tomorrow. It feels like a Tuesday practice round kind of deal, but it’s obviously awesome to be competitive and try to beat each other up on the course but also have a good time with the amateurs.