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Tyrrell Hatton – R4 interview

CLARE BODEL: Welcome, Tyrrell. Here you are, the first player to ever defend this title, only the second player to win it on multiple occasions. Pretty good week’s work?

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously very happy. This week was the first time I had ever defended a title or had the challenge to try and do it. You know, it felt like it was a lot harder today this year, well, winning this year, than it was last year. I’m so happy that I managed to get over the line.

CLARE BODEL: Ross Fisher obviously put on a challenge and broke the course record that you equalled last year. Were you looking over your shoulder at any point?

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, I didn’t see a leaderboard on the back nine until the 16th green, when I saw he was at 21 and I was thinking how well he was going today. The 15-minute wait on 17 certainly made the tee shot seem harder than I wanted it to be. So you know, fair play to Fish. It was an incredible round of golf, and he certainly did push me all the way.

Q. If you go back to the Scottish Open — was that disappointing — did that spur you on?
TYRELL HATTON: For me, the Scottish Open last year, was a springboard to having a really good second half of the year. Obviously Scottish Open is a big tournament and I had my dad there that week after struggling a few weeks prior with my game.

You know, he helped me out a lot, and took that sort of confidence and that form into the rest of the year. Obviously to get my first win later on in the year here was great, and you know, it certainly helped.

Q. This must be really pleasing, after the form you had over the summer, what’s enabled you to turn things around to be sitting where you are today?
TYRELL HATTON: It’s just, you know, going back to doing what I was doing. You know, through summer, it was perhaps a few too many opinions, and I’m not a very technical person with the golf swing or things like that. I like to keep things really simple. That’s what I went back to after the US PGA, and, you know, obviously I’ve got a new caddie on the bag at the moment, my good friend, Jonathan. He’s done a great job since we started working together in Switzerland.

So you know, I think having a friend on the bag is keeping me relaxed. I feel so much more comfortable with my game. It certainly helps when you get yourself into these positions and you’re sort of comfortable with how you’re hitting it. You know, it gives you confidence to go through and get the job done.

That is one big, heavy trophy. My left arm is going to be sore tomorrow.

Q. Playing with Jamie Dornan this week, obviously a great experience?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, played with Jamie last year, and we had a good time and it was good fun, and you know, I was happy that we could play again this year. Obviously it’s a winning formula which helps me, so perhaps he should play with me every week. But no, obviously it was great fun to have him, and we get on really well. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

CLARE BODEL: Thank you.