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Tyrrell Hatton – R3 interview

Q. You were saying yesterday that historically you haven’t scored as well at Kingsbarns as well as the other two courses. You got that right today. What was the difference in your play?
TYRRELL HATTON: The previous years I haven’t managed to do so. I played really good again today. Gave myself quite a few chances and the putter helped me out quite a bit, especially with a couple of crucial par saves. It’s been another really good day. So looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You were 23-under and winning this championship last year. What is it about this place, these courses, the format, that brings the best out of you?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously last year, this event was a fantastic moment for me. You know, it’s great to be back and I’m enjoying my first defense.

And obviously the format helps me quite a lot. Obviously it keeps me quite relaxed at times. Obviously I’ll boil over, whatever, but that’s just me. It’s good fun playing with Jamie again. We did well last year and we’re having good fun again this year.

Q. You brought your lifelong friend, Jonathan, onto the bag, and you’ve finished third and eighth since and again going well here. How much is this down to what he’s bringing for you, as well?
TYRRELL HATTON: It’s good fun having Jonathan on the bag. He’s doing a good job. Obviously he’d much rather be playing. You know, having him on the bag, he’s sort of keeping me relaxed at times, as best as he can.

So you know, he’s doing a good job, and he’s helping me and it’s helped that my game’s sort of clicked back into shape after a really disappointing summer. So hopefully it continues.

Q. You were 17-under par last year, leading by three into the final round and this time you’re 18-under. How much can you draw on the experience? You shot 66 then. How much can you draw on that experience this time around?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I was thinking about that on my putt on the last. I was like, oh, finish on 17. I was quite happy to see that one drop and beat last year’s total after three rounds.

Obviously last year was a new experience for me going out leading a tournament, and you know, I managed to do a really good job. Made myself very difficult to catch. You know, hopefully I can do that again tomorrow. I’ll certainly try my best to do that. That’s all anyone can ever do is try their best, and I’ll certainly do that.

Q. What would it mean to you to pull it off?
TYRRELL HATTON: It would be amazing. To win at the Home of Golf once, you know, is incredible, but to do it again and defend would be a dream come true.

Obviously it was a great day. I played really good. Conditions were quite tough towards the end, so I feel like I did quite well hanging in there, and obviously it was nice to birdie the last, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Two rounds without a bogey. What’s the consistency there?
TYRRELL HATTON: I’ve been lucky a few times in that I’ve holed a couple of really good par putts from probably about ten feet. That certainly helps keep momentum going, and hopefully tomorrow I won’t have too many ten-foot putts for par. Overall, it’s been a good two days.

Q. Very similar circumstances to last year. What’s the game plan tomorrow?
TYRRELL HATTON: Just keep going as I am. I like knowing where I’m at on the leaderboard, so I’ll certainly keep an eye on that. But I’m just going to try and play as best as I can. That’s all I can do. Hopefully that will be good enough.

Q. You were talking last year how calming an influence Jamie Dornan was; is he obviously doing the same thing this year?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it’s good fun to be playing with him again. We get on really well, and obviously having a mate on the bag, Jonathan, he’s helping, too.

You know, this format helps. Keeps me relaxed, and I’m enjoying it.

Q. Bit of funny moment on 6 with Lee’s chip.
TYRRELL HATTON: Honestly, that was so close to being perfect. You wouldn’t think it was going to hit it, but it was so unlucky, wasn’t it.

Q. Obviously if you win tomorrow, what would it mean?
TYRRELL HATTON: I think I saw Tweets earlier on in the week that no one’s defended it yet. You know, I’ve put myself in a good position to do that tomorrow. But you know, it would be amazing to win again at the Home of Golf. It would be so special, and I’ll certainly try my best to make that happen.