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Tyrrell Hatton - Quick Quotes

Friday, October 5, 2018 - TYRRELL HATTON: You've got so much adrenaline and such an atmosphere to play in, and then this week is obviously the either end of the scale with obviously the crowds aren't so big here. But it's a much more relaxed style of golf. Obviously we're playing with the amateurs, and we have a good time out there. That's what this week's all about.

And obviously we got Carnoustie on a nice day today, which helps a lot. This is the toughest out of the three. Especially when it blows, so we're all fortunate to get pretty calm conditions today.

Q. A few big weeks. You played over in the States and then you come back for Ryder Cup. Is it on the range now, chipping and putting, or just chillax back in the room?
TYRRELL HATTON: 100 percent back to the apartment and relax.

Q. Momentum was something?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, you got lucky playing Carnoustie on a pretty calm day. Most of the back nine is playing downwind, which is nice. 17 is quite a tough hole today with it being straight into, but yeah, very happy with how today went.

Q. It was a hard day yesterday. Do you just forget about that and just come out and relax?
TYRRELL HATTON: No, I mean, you can't -- it's not something you can kind of forget about. It's obviously in the back of your mind. I spoke to her on the phone last night. I got her number and phoned her to make sure that she was okay. So obviously I'm very thankful that she was back from hospital, discharging herself, which is great. I actually think he's going to Kingsbarns today to watch a bit more golf.

Q. Further back in the ropes.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, she's going to be in St. Andrews tomorrow, so I'll see her tomorrow. It was a tough day yesterday. Obviously I tried my best out there today. Try not to think about it too much, but obviously the positives are that she's fine and she's able to enjoy the golf for the rest of the week.

Q. Obviously you have a great record the last couple of years. Do you recall your record at these courses? Was it love at first sight or a few early disasters?
TYRRELL HATTON: It seems I've either missed the cut in this event or won it. The first few years playing here was difficult. We're all playing to play well every week and we give it our best. Some weeks you have it and some you don't.

I have some good memories coming here, and I played lost last week in such a massive event, so I knew my swing is in a good place. Hopefully it's a case of just coming out here and taking it out to the golf course.

Been a good couple of days. There's still two days to go but I'm looking forward to playing St. Andrews tomorrow. Another calm day. I haven't looked at the forecast so not sure what the conditions are like. Hopefully have a good weekend.

Q. What are the things you've been doing particularly well for three years?

TYRRELL HATTON: Well, I think we're fortunate this week because the rough's down. So you can get away with a few wides. You don't have to hit -- it's not really important to hit fairways. So this is a completely different test compared to The Open, obviously when we were here earlier this year, where when you miss the fairways, you really are struggling. And they are kinder with the pin positions to get us around, even though it still takes us awhile. That's just the way it is this week.

Q. One of the vice captains last week, Pádraig, said he would like to be captain in 2020. What do you think he would bring to the job?
TYRRELL HATTON: Obviously he's got plenty of experience and he's a major winner, and he's won majors in the States and he's won on the PGA TOUR. He knows obviously about the golf courses over there.

I would say the main thing is plenty of experience.

Q. Did he do much for you as a rookie? Was he a help to you last week?
TYRRELL HATTON: Of course. All the vice captains were. They were great to talk to. We had such a great team. Everyone got on really well, and the experienced guys kind of came around to us in the evening and just had a little chat about the following day.

It was just a great vibe in there.

Q. Seems to be a good system, having guys that are vice captains and then into the captaincy?
TYRRELL HATTON: That was my first taste of it, so other guys will be able to answer that question a bit better than me. But like I said, they did a great job that week and they certainly helped us all.

Q. Eagle on 14? How did you manage that?
TYRRELL HATTON: I hit driver off the tee into the middle of the fairway and then I think we had about 170 yards to the pin. I hit a grip-down 9-iron to about six feet. It was nice to see that one go in.