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Tyrrell Hatton – interview

NEIL AHERN: You’ve got a winning partnership with Jamie Dornan. Excited to get back out on the links with him as well.

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, we had good fun last year. You know, it’s having a bit of chemistry, if you like, is what this event is about and try and have a bit of a laugh. I feel obviously that helped me the four days last year and looking forward to doing that again this year.

Q. The course record last year —
TYRELL HATTON: It’s not something — quite surprised, the course record last year. Certainly depends on the conditions this year, if anyone can better that. If the conditions are calm, then everyone’s got a chance to do it. But it’s not something I’ll go out there trying to beat. You know, that was a really special round to me, the lowest round I ever shot. Just take those good vibes and go out there tomorrow.

Q. What was it like, do you remember, from last year?
TYRELL HATTON: It was a lot colder. Played 18 today with four layers and a hat, and I remember last year I was in a jumper and polo and a lot less wind. So hopefully the conditions ease up a bit.

Obviously it’s been I think pretty windy the last few days, which having a few practise rounds at each course, see how hard they can play. I played Carnoustie yesterday and that was pretty tough yesterday. Hoping it will be a little bit kinder when I go there on Friday.

Q. Do you like the fact that you play three courses, does that keep it interesting?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously playing three courses, a huge part of that depends on what kind of draw you get. You can play Kingsbarns or St. Andrews on a really calm day and shoot decent scores, and if you get Carnoustie — or to be honest, any of the other courses, on a really tough day, then you’re going to struggle. That’s what links golf is about. Hopefully whatever sort of conditions there are, I can manage them well.

Q. You had some pretty interesting playing partners this last week or so, and some interesting photographs of yourself. What’s that like?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously it’s great to meet Paul last week. He’s a really nice guy. And we had good fun on the Wednesday, which, again, is what the Pro-Am’s about, trying to make the Amateur have a great day. I think Paul had a great day. He’s sponsored by PING. He hit the ball really well — difficult when you’re 7-7, but — the grip had 15 layers of tape. Slightly different to what I would use.

Q. Jamie Dornan, the crowds that followed him at The Irish Open were ridiculous. Can it get distracting?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, it certainly doesn’t happen most weeks. He had a big following last year. It’s good. It’s nice to play in front of crowds and gives a bit of an atmosphere.

I know Jamie was a bit nervous last year. But you know, that’s what it’s all about. Like I said, it just gives it more of an atmosphere, and as long as they are sort of respectful when you hit a shot or whatever, then that’s just fine.

Q. Last week you made some remarks — have you had any response? TYRELL HATTON: No, not really, but I’m a passionate person and I just try my best to win a golf tournament. You know, occasionally that spills over, and I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes from time to time. Now, nobody’s perfect and everyone goes about their ways differently. But not to say one way is right and another way is wrong.

You know, I’m just trying to win, and in the heat of battle, sometimes you can do the wrong thing. That’s just how it is.

NEIL AHERN: Thank you very much.