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Tommy Fleetwood - Quick Quotes

Sunday, October 7, 2018 - Q. The score reads pretty nicely, a 67. How do you evaluate today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: A little bit frustrating, really, in the end. I played really good golf for most of the round, and then just started -- I didn't hit it great off the tee for like the last few holes, and you know, even though the course is wide, you're always going to find your ball. It's not easy from the rough. So 16, 17, 18th hole, it's momentum.

It is frustrating, but still, it's a good day's work, but it's just when you get it going, you expect better. So it's a little bit of a sick coming home.

Q. You're going to be three back of Tyrrell Hatton, who has a bit of history to make tomorrow. If he can do it, with the conditions that are forecast, do you see something that makes your job easier? Are you looking forward to the strong winds that are forecast?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I've only just seen it, that it's forecast. So you know, it depends on -- the wind is a little bit different this week than we normally get. You normally have one nine that's down and one nine that's into, and it's been a bit more across.

So I guess that makes it play a little bit differently. I don't know whether that's better or worse, but clearly it's quite a good round here. We'll see. There's other guys up there, as well. I just keep concentrating on my game and my things. I need to drive it better than I did those last few holes, and then I kind of lost my pace a little bit coming in. There's stuff I can do better tomorrow, and whether that's good enough, we'll see. There's not much you can do.

Q. Coming here after a brilliant Ryder Cup, what would it mean to be able to say you've won at the Home of Golf?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's massive, and ever since coming here, this was my -- I played this event when I was on Challenge Tour, so this is the only Tour event I got into on The Challenge Tour through an invite. I always wanted -- well, I do, I want my picture on that bridge with the trophy. There's quite a few tournaments you want to win, but this one is right up there, and it's the Home of Golf.

Yeah, it would be great. I'd like to tick this one off and get this one on my resumé.

Q. You said yesterday that St. Andrews, the Old Course, was your favorite course to play, and certainly when you had those seven birdies going, we knew why. Talk us through the round?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I played great. I played really well. I constantly had birdie chances. I 3-putted 9 and I was still 7-under through 12, and still had chances. 13 I had a chance. 14, I kind of messed up a little bit. 15 I had a good chance, and then just kind of, you know, you need to put it on the fairway, really to be able to control your ball. 16 got a little bit of a fly.17 you have to play short because you can't go long out of the rough.

Overall struggled with pace coming in a little bit those last three holes. Disappointing in the end after getting it going so well, but still, 5-under is not a bad day's work. It just feels worse than what it is right now.

Q. Are you surprised it's you and Tyrrell Hatton up at the top, considering the intensity of last week?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I mean, not surprised to see Tyrrell up there around here and I like the place. Felt fine coming here. I had a nice time on Wednesday. Did some good work. Felt like my game has been in pretty good shape. I don't feel too surprised. It can always go either way and you can either be knackered and hit a low, or you can feel okay.

My game's been good, especially today. It's just like I said, a disappointing finish, and I should be a lot closer than what I am.

Q. And a relatively calm yesterday and today, but the wind is going to get back up tomorrow. How do you think that's going to play into things?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Who knows? Tough conditions. You've got to really concentrate on each shot. You won't be able to look ahead.

I think the tough conditions is a good thing in that sense, that you can't just -- there will be no really holes where you think, this is a great birdie chance. So where you can get ahead of yourself sometimes, especially if you're chasing and trying to catch up, yeah, you won't be able to do that tomorrow. And you're going to have to play well, and that's it. And all I can do is do my thing and play my game, and we'll see at the end of the day where that lies.

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