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Stephen Gallacher - Quick Quotes

Sunday, October 7, 2018 - STEPHEN GALLACHER: Dropped in a couple 3-putts. 3-putted the last. 3-putted from 15 foot for eagle at 5. I think I missed six putts inside six-foot. It could have been anything today. I'm delighted the way I played. Knocked it on 9 to about 15 foot. Knocked it on 12 to about 30 foot. Quite a stress-free round.

Q. This tournament agrees with you.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I like it. I like the courses. I think they just suit your eye. Grew up playing it. It's just one of these things.

Q. The firsts round --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: The first day was pumping, and if you get Carnoustie and you shot 4-over, you're up against it. Luckily enough, I hung in the first day with a couple of doubles. Still got it back to red figures, which you have to do. The first round is crucial. You've got to get -- they are not easy courses when you need to attack them.

Q. You've been consistent, just waiting on an opportunity?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I've been playing lovely the last two months. You've got to be patient. Delighted the way I'm swinging and hitting it. It is tough -- the hard thing is, when you hit a lot of shots pretty close, you know, the front nine today, and you 3-putt the last, and you think, oh, no, what am I doing here. But you've just got to stay with it.

Q. Tomorrow, you have some good memories for here. That always helps.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Definitely. But it's trying to just get within touching distance, because you know the weather is going to be brutal tomorrow. Everybody was talking about it. Obviously the more you can claw back on a day like this, the less you've got to try and do when the weather is inclement.

Q. Does that almost excite you tomorrow; that it is going to be tough and a lot of guys might fall by the wayside?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I think if you're four back or something like that and the weather is bad and you shoot 5-under, you've got a chance, but who knows. The weather, you've just got to see what it's like and do your best.

Q. Chasing down Tyrrell and Tommy.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Two top lads, playing well obviously, flying high after The Ryder Cup, as well. You know what I mean, Tyrrell loves this place. He's done fantastic, and I think he's just hit one for three. They are the boys to beat. It's good to be playing with them and trying to beat them.

Q. From your memory of 2014, what was the week after Ryder Cup like? Just how impressive is it that these guys after rookie performances?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: They are a wee younger than I was.

Q. They must be excited.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, you're tired, but these boys are in their 20s. You don't get tired in your 20s, do you, and you don't get hangovers, either. I was still a bit rough I think. He's one of these things, a lot of golf left.