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Shane Lowry – Quick Quotes

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

“It feels like every tournament I play now is a big event. Obviously I had a decent week at Wentworth last week so I was happy enough with that and hopefully I can take that form into this week and have a good week here.

“It is relaxed here but we’re all very competitive people, I know I am, and I desperately want to go out there this week and do well. I want to consolidate my place at the top of the Race to Dubai but I have a couple of months to do that and there are going to be some big tournaments. There are some great players behind me but if I can do my own business hopefully I’ll do OK.

“I am playing in every tournament I was going to play in before I won the Open so my schedule hasn’t changed at all. I’m playing in everything – Dubai and one of the other two as usual – so I’m just trying to go out there and shoot the best scores I can and if I do that I feel like I’ll have a good end to the season.

“Obviously I’ve some recent success on links terrain so any time you come here – especially on days like today at St Andrews, the home of golf – it’s just special, so I’m going out for a game this afternoon and I’m looking forward to it.

“All I know is I’m playing some decent golf and have some confidence going and I feel like I can go out and shoot good scores every time I go out, and that’s all I’m trying to do this week. There will be nothing about trying to recapture what I did at Portrush. Obviously I’ve got the game to do well around here so I’ve just got to go out and do it now.

“It’s obviously been busier than normal. I used to be able to come to an event and slip in and do my own thing and be ready for Thursday but it’s all positive. There’s nothing I’ve had to do that’s negative at all, it’s all good stuff and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like I’ve taken it all in my stride.

“I haven’t seen Justin Timberlake yet. He’s probably a better dancer than me, that’s about it. But to have people like him here is just great. This is one of the best events of the year and I love coming here every year. That’s what’s great about it, you get to bump into people like that and have conversations with them, people you never thought you would.”