Due to the forecast weather conditions for tomorrow, Friday September 30, we will be changing to an 08.30am shotgun start on all courses for all competitors.

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Ryan Fox - Quick Quotes

Friday, October 5, 2018 - Q. You must be happy with that round out there today?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, it's a funny one. I'm fighting it to be honest at the moment. I started off nice today and then threw the middle of the round, it was definitely a fight. Made double on 18 and then it was nice to see a few putts go in to be honest. I hit a couple of good drives on three and four. Knocked it on the fourth green about 320 yards or something today. 2-putted from there and made an eagle and then made another sort of 25-footer for birdie on 6.

It was one of those rounds, I took advantage of the good shots and a couple of times when I hit average shots, I sort of made a 25-, 30-footer for birdie. I fought it a little bit coming home. Played the last two holes pretty poorly and managed to scrape out two pars. Happy to finish with a 67.

Q. How do you stay involved mentally when it's up-and-down in the round. Is it just that grind to take it one shot at a time?
RYAN FOX: It's a little bit of the grind, but there's also I think, I'm playing with Warne and you can see how much he wants to play on Sunday. He was struggling a little bit today, and every par I made and every birdie I made helped the team. It was sort of a little bit of both. It was a little bit of kicking myself and a little bit of trying to play for the team. When I was getting frustrated, try not to let it get to me so I can at least help the team out and I managed to do that today.

Q. How much do you enjoy the team scenario?
RYAN FOX: I love it. I've been very, very lucky. The three years I played, I played twice with Warne and once with Michael Vaughn. I grew up a cricketer. Those guys are my idols growing up. To get a chance to play golf with them, three of the best golf courses in the world, it makes it -- it's pretty nice.

You put up with a little bit of slowness. I think it's 5 1/2, 6-hour rounds most of the time but it's certainly worth it for the experience and getting a chance to play great links golf, as well.