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Richard Sterne – R4 interview

Q. Are you a happy man at this moment?
RICHARD STERNE: Yeah, I played nicely. I tried my best to put some pressure on Tyrrell but he got off to a good start and kept it going, which is good. It’s a big win and it’s going to be a special win for him here at the Old Course.

Q. A lovely way to finish for yourself, to rack up the birdies and give yourself the opportunity and to get second spot in the end.
RICHARD STERNE: Yeah, hopefully second alone, if not second tied is all right whatever Ross does. But the birdie on 17 was really special. That chip was quite special.

Q. You’ve been knocking on the door without being competitive. Did you feel the old juices flowing again today?
RICHARD STERNE: Yeah, it was nice. I was quite relaxed. I putted really nicely. That was the difference. The last few weeks, I really putted decently and made the par saves at the right time and a couple good birdie putts. I was hitting the ball nicely and consistent, which obviously helps to give me more birdie putts.

Q. Given health issues, time away from the game, is this all the more special and satisfying?
RICHARD STERNE: I was 72nd on the Order of Merit, so I needed this to get into the last few events. Those events are something we aspire to get into, and this should take care of that. I like Dubai, haven’t really played well there but enjoy the golf course. Hopefully can put in a better performance than previous.