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Paul Waring – Quick Quotes

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Saturday, September 28, 2019 – Paul Waring Quick Quotes

Q. Solid round, you must be happy?
PAUL WARING: Absolutely. Anything under par around Carnoustie you always take, especially with quite a stiff breeze out there. Pleased to shoot as low as I did and get myself involved with the tournament.

Q. Of the three courses is this the toughest?
PAUL WARING: I think so, yeah. It’s quite nice, though, because it makes you hit proper golf shots. It gives you a real clear visual of what you’ve got to do. There’s other areas where you’re always going to have a bit of a bail-out, where here you’ve just got to stand up and hit proper, proper golf shots all the time. We had our PGA Championship last week at Wentworth, which is a very good golf course and put me in good stead. Felt like I was swinging the golf club well and just brought the form into this week. Feel like I’m hitting the ball really well.

Q. Was the highlight the eagle?
PAUL WARING: Yeah, it was. Rolled a nice putt in. Actually the highlight was seeing Tony roll in that putt on 9 to give ourselves a chance of playing tomorrow, as well. We’ve had a real good, fun couple of days, as well. Hopefully we’ll make it through to tomorrow.

Q. Team event is a lovely element to this competition. Is that something to your liking?
PAUL WARING: It is. I said to Tony when I first met him on Thursday, I was here to have a bit of fun this week and have a few beers afterward and enjoy myself. My priority was to make sure he had a good week, and obviously if you can get through to Sunday, it would be a fantastic sort of icing on the cake.

Q. As an individual, there’s a lot at stake here?
PAUL WARING: Yeah, there is. I think when I’m happy and I’m having fun, I feel like I’m at my best. So kind of blends well into the two elements for me. If you get a little bit too into it, a little bit sort of too strict on myself, it can negative effects. When I’m bouncing around and having a laugh, it’s the true me. It’s showing this season how I’m playing. Enjoying myself a bit more.

Q. Going into the final day, how is the confidence?
PAUL WARING: Feeling good. Been swinging the club well for a while now.