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Paul Dunne – R1 interview

Q. After your first win last week at the British Masters, did it feel any different teeing up, now that you’re a champion on The European Tour?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday felt like they flew by quicker than a normal week. It was kind of good. My game still feels good. Yeah, it takes that little bit of pressure off when you’ve done it once. My iron play was good today. Disappointing finish, but in general feeling good and life is pretty good at the minute.

Q. What was the secret to the front nine playing in the difficult wind?
PAUL DUNNE: My iron play was really solid. I was hitting everything pin-high on the front nine, which is a big advantage because the greens are so big. You’re probably not going to miss many. But when it gets windy, 2-putting from 60 feet can be difficult.

But then I eagled the ninth, which is downwind, drivable. Drove it like 30 feet and holed it, so that kind of got me off on the right foot starting the back nine. And I didn’t play great coming in. Yeah, I kind of did the opposite of what I should have done but I’ll take the 5-under.

Q. Coming back to a place where you have a history and great place to celebrate your first win; do you look back at this place with positive memories or something of a, what could have been feeling when you come back to St. Andrews after leading The Open?
PAUL DUNNE: I think a bit of both. I think The Open was a great thing for me here because it opened so many doors for sponsors and invites and that kind of thing when I turned pro, but also, how many times are you going to lead The Open at St. Andrews with one round to go.

Yeah, it was a situation I wasn’t used to at the time, and yeah, might have overwhelmed me a bit. But I’m in a better place to deal with it now I think.

I think more good memories than bad. One that slipped away, but then something that kind of set up my professional career, as well.