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Nicolas Colsaerts – R1 interview

NICOLAS COLSAERTS: Yeah, I kept very much composed. It could have been a lot lower but I pressed it till the end, which is nice. Birdied 17 which is not really a birdie hole. I hit it really close and finished it off with the longest putt of the day on 18, which is nice.

Q. Strange because the scoring here doesn’t seem to be as good as the other courses, which is a bit unusual. Was it tough?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: Yeah, it’s not easy. It blows quite a bit when you have shots into and coming off the left. They have changed a few pins, as well, which I think kind of must be the reason. We always play this course with certain pins and all of a sudden you get different ones, so you kind of have to play the golf course a little different than what you’re used to. That’s the only explanation I can find.

Q. What’s your favourite of the three courses?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: I’ve always liked Carnoustie. I think Carnoustie is fair. It’s tough. If you play well, you’re going to get rewarded. These two here, on the other hand, you get the bounces — I think Carnoustie is probably the fairest.

Q. How do you like the format?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS: It’s not as relaxed as you think. It’s fun. We still play a tournament in there somewhere. The pace is a bit slower. Basically it’s a bit slower, but the amateurs that have played in this before, they know how to deal with us and we’re still the main attraction of the group. I think it works well.