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Matthias Schwab - Quick Quotes

Friday, October 5, 2018 - Q. Thoughts on the day?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, I had a solid day. The conditions today were a lot better today with no wind. The course played nicely. I was able to make a pretty long putt on 1 for birdie to set the tone, and then I just played solid all around.

Q. Your first competitive round around St. Andrews, how was that for you?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, exactly, it was my first round, my first competitive round on the Old Course, which was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it. Tried to make the most of it and pretty happy with my score.

Could have been a few more but can't complain.

Q. How are you enjoying the concept of this tournament, your first Dunhill Links?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, I think the concept is fun, for the amateurs obviously and for us pros, it's a few format and just have to adapt and make the best of it. The rounds are pretty long, a lot of waiting. That's just part of the game. I like being here and I like playing these courses.

Q. What part of the game is going well for you this week?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I think just all around, I'm hitting it fine and putting it fine. It's a good combo I guess. Yeah, I've adapted to the links style of golf and I played well in the wind yesterday, so it's been good so far.

Q. Kingsbarns tomorrow.
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, it's a beautiful course. Obviously you have to have a really good strategy where you want to hit the balls and where you want to leave them. I think I have a solid plan for tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Q. Two sort of contrasting days, Carnoustie very tough yesterday and easier today?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, a lot easier today. It was the same in the practise rounds. It was really windy when I played the Old Course and almost no wind when I played Carnoustie. So yeah, it gets really tough on any course with wind and with no wind, it's more enjoyable.

Q. Are you a Red Bull football fan?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Football, soccer? Yes.

Q. So you enjoyed that result last night?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, both teams.

Q. Were you surprised last night with the result against Celtic?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: No, not at all. They are a very strong quad. Almost made it to the Champions League and doing very well in the Austrian league. They have had a lot of success this season.