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Matthew Southgate – Quick Quotes

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Saturday, September 28, 2019 – Matthew Southgate Quick Quotes

Q. A 65, 66 and a 65?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Good stuff, really. Didn’t miss many shots and got the speed of the greens really good. Set up so many chances. I was always bound to make a good fistful of them. Not much you can say really. Just really, really solid all day.

Q. Talking to your partner, Peter Dawson, who knows a thing or two about this game, says you haven’t missed a shots in three days. Is that basically true?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Well, I dropped three shots and one of them was unbelievably unlucky today on 14. I got a huge flyer yesterday which you can never sort of account for. We’ve played 54 holes and 51 of them haven’t looked like dropping a shot really. It’s been pretty special stuff tee-to-green and sticking to the game plan and ticking a lot of boxes.

Q. Two Top 10s in the last five starts. Each of those finishes, three terrific rounds and one ordinary ones. Are there signs that this could be the week that all four come together?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: I hope so. My swing feels very solid. I feel very happy in my own head at the minute and playing with such a clear mind and just easy swing thoughts. The biggest job tomorrow is going to be keeping me in check rather than the golf swing. I’m hitting the ball fantastic the first three days, so there’s no reason why I can’t shoot another good score. Someone is going to post a good number, so it’s going to take a good score to get the win. I’m so passionate about winning tournaments and being here at the Home of Golf, tomorrow is going to be a difficult one to just keep myself in check and keep producing what I have done the first three days.

Q. You’ve obviously got yourself in a position where you’re tied for the lead, and you don’t really know until you’ve played all three courses where you lie, and now that you’re in that position, and you haven’t won before, it would be so special to win here, surely?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, it would be. There’s a long way to go. 18 holes as it stands and we’ve got a good chance tomorrow. I just need to stick in and don’t want to do myself a disservice and lose the head or get quick and hit a few bad shots. I need to take it in my stride as well as I possibly can.