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Marcel Siem – R2 interview

Q. All-around 66 today at the Old Course. What do you make of that?
MARCEL SIEM: It’s always a big goal to have a low round in St. Andrews, such a special place. Yeah, I’m really, really pleased to be up the board. See what’s going on in the next few days.

Q. Playing the golf course on a day like today, it’s quite tame for here, isn’t it. If you could pick a golf course on a calm day, which of the three would you go for?
MARCEL SIEM: Kingsbarns actually. I think Carnoustie is always tough and always easy in a way, and Kingsbarns is the one you want to choose on a calm day because you can really shoot the lights out there. They changed the pin positions, totally different this year. It’s quite cool actually this year. It’s good fun.

Q. Going to Carnoustie tomorrow, what’s the different challenge that lays ahead compared to these first two that you faced?
MARCEL SIEM: I mean, Carnoustie, you have two or three shots which are really scary, and you have to get your head around those ones, and then you have a lot of birdie chances there, as well. The greens are beautiful. I think if you have a good putting day, you can roll in a lot of putts.

For me, this is the best golf course. I love Carnoustie, and I’m really looking forward to that.

Q. Just finally, 96th in The Race to Dubai, but a great second place not so long ago. Where is your game at right now?
MARCEL SIEM: I’m driving it really well, not super long, but pretty straight. That helps. My putting is really nice. I’m really pleased with my putting.

My iron shots are not as good as they used to be two years ago. I’m still fighting to get my fade back, and aiming at the flag and it’s drawing instead of holding. So I have to work on that a little bit.

But I think on the access list, I would be all right already, so pressure is kind of gone there and I’m really going for Dubai now. Yeah, it’s just great to be in contention. Love it.

Q. How was it?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I’m very pleased. Always great to play St. Andrews. I started on the 10th, and I didn’t really have it going at the beginning. I was a little upset. Luckily holed a good putt on 18 to go to 2-under. And on the front nine, all of a sudden I started playing better and all of a sudden you’re four-, five-, six-under, and I’m really pleased now.

Q. Bogey-free, as well, is a massive plus.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, it’s good for the confidence, bogey-free. Had a few chances the last few weeks, and every time I started thinking about it, there was the bogey all of a sudden. Today I actually didn’t think about it, and finished it off nicely without a bogey. I’m really pleased.

Q. What was the key to the game today?
MARCEL SIEM: My driving was really, really good the last few weeks and today I hit — coming in I hit a few dodgy ones left but St. Andrews on the left side, you’re always fine, and I didn’t get myself into any bad positions. I think that’s the key thing at the moment, my driving and the putting.

Q. Carnoustie tomorrow, looking forward to that?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I love this golf course. I had a little media shoot there with Mercedes on Monday, so I walked the course. It’s just in stunning conditions. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.