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Lee Westwood – Quick Quotes

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Thursday, September 26, 2019 – Lee Westwood Quick Quotes

Q. Hole-in-one, how were you feeling on that tee just before you hit it?
LEE WESTWOOD: A bit frustrated. I played pretty good and hit a lot of good iron shots all day, and not made any putts. You know, got on there, and it was 189 yards, which is — I thought the wind was a bit more down and out of left but all of a sudden it just dropped.
I thought, I’m not going to get a 7-iron back there as I stood over it the first time, so I thought, I’d better hit a 6-iron and came off lovely. Just hit it a bit higher to take a bit of distance off it and it landed perfect on the green, as you see on TV there, and ran out and just caught the right edge. Eliminated the putting on that one.

Q. Your caddie, Helen, tells me that you were between 6 — she said, just hit the six and hit it. LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, you know, she said six looks better. It’s close to the yardage. So yeah, it was just a nice swing. Came off bang on line. Hit it on line enough often, occasionally they go in.

Q. How many have you had in tournaments?
LEE WESTWOOD: I don’t know in tournaments. I’ve had 18 altogether. I’ve had two playing with Ronan. I had one last year playing at Wentworth on the 5th and one in Austin playing earlier on this year. It’s always nice to see them go in. Sometimes on blind holes, but that one, I could see it all the way. It was very satisfying. Good way to finish off, as well.

Q. Happy with your score or do you feel like you left a few out there?
LEE WESTWOOD: I left a few out there. I got off to a slow start. I had a lot of chances. Just couldn’t really get the ball running to the hole. I didn’t play any holes in practise, so you know, it was just a bit tricky getting used to the speed of the greens.

Q. Do you feel you got the toughest course out of the way?
LEE WESTWOOD: It always feels like that when you play Carnoustie first, yeah. Although there are always some low scores on it, it feels like one where you are not on your game you can shoot 75, where the others you feel like they really offer you low ones and you feel like you can make a lot of birdies on those golf courses.

Q. Where’s the drinks party tonight then?
LEE WESTWOOD: I don’t know. Apparently drinks are on me but Helen’s not drinking this week, so that was a mistake, wasn’t it. So no doubt I’ll be out with Ronan again, have another bottle of red. That’s what this week is all about, having fun with your mates, and get ready for Kingsbarns tomorrow and try and shoot a low one.