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Kingsbarns kids get pro tips

Schoolchildren at Kingsbarns Primary school had an unexpected visit from an Owl yesterday. Not the bird itself but the headcover for Eddie Pepperell’s driver, a present from his girlfriend, who thinks it has a passing resemblance to the young Englishman.

Eddie also revealed that despite not yet being a winner on the European Tour, he has won locally, as a twelve year old, at Balgove. In an intensive Q&A session the pupils gleaned that Eddie doesnt break too many tees, gets plenty of golf balls from his sponsor (though never coloured) and has an image of ‘Gus’ his 7 month old Hungarian Vizsla dog sewn onto his golf bag. Gus is in StAndrews for the week, sharing Eddie’s hotel room.

The most southerly of the 40 countries Eddie has played in is South Africa, with Leopard Creek being a favourite tournament venue.

The children wished him good luck for this ADLC, although one youngster wondered why such a big golf bag didn’t have wheels….