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Gregory Bourdy – R3 interview

Q. 6-under for the day at Carnoustie, considered the hardest of the three courses. You must be quite pleased with that?
GRÉGORY BOURDY: Very pleased for sure but it’s one of my favourite links courses, as well. I feel good on it, and yeah, I knew I can do a good score there. As I say, it’s a lovely course, one of my favourite one. Of course, the Old Course is my favourite in the world but this one is not far behind.

Yeah, I’m very pleased about my first three rounds and finishing on the Old Course tomorrow will be exciting.

Q. You had that great period there on your back nine, four birdies in a row. You must have been feeling pretty good coming down the stretch.
GRÉGORY BOURDY: Yeah, yeah, especially great putting today, and yesterday, as well. I feel very confident on the greens, and it’s very important in the links conditions and in the wind, as well.

So yeah, it’s for sure the key to scoring low rounds actually.

Q. Hatton is quite a target today but you’re right up there in second place and going out to play your favourite course tomorrow. You must be looking forward to that?
GRÉGORY BOURDY: Yeah, I’m looking forward to having a lovely day, and I will do my best. I will fight from the beginning until the end. Yeah, it’s just great to be in that position on my favourite golf course in the world, the famous Old Course, and we are doing very well as a team, also, my partner, and really enjoying the moment.