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Danny Willett – Press Conference

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Danny Willett Press Conference

Q. How was the celebration Sunday, Monday?
DANNY WILLETT: Sunday we drove home. Sunday was a three-hour drive home stuck on the M25 for the first half hour. We had a little party last night and flew up this morning, so slightly worse for wear. But you’ve got to enjoy the things when you have success, and yeah, fly up now and hopefully the weather clears a little bit and we’ll play a little bit of golf this afternoon and then kind of get your head back on for tomorrow and start again.

Q. How have you reflected on the week?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was a special week. Like I said in the other interviews, I think if I had not of won, I would have been really happy with what I’ve been able to do, and maybe that takes pressure off yourself when you can say that to yourself and actually mean it instead of just saying is to yourself, trying to deflect something.
But actually, genuinely, we’re in a much better place with everything, and yeah, I could have taken it on the chin regardless of which way the result went and I think that then allows you to ease up and play and enjoy what you’re doing and fortunately we were able to polish it off.

Q. You gained 11 shots on the field in putting last week. Different ballgame around these greens.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it will be, but that’s tour golf, isn’t it. You play different conditions, different greens, different places every week and it’s how well you can adapt. So yeah, it is great to be back here. It would be nice to get a good week under our belt, and then before a week off before a really busy end to the season now.
But yeah, we’re here this week and try and knuckle down and enjoy it for the week it is. Obviously having a great time with the Pro-Am guys and making sure they have a good time and see what we can do.

Q. How does the win change going into Dubai?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, we’ve changed the schedule a little bit. Not quite sure, but we have been chatting where we’re going to play, whereas before we would play everything to make sure we are in Dubai to defend. But now that we are higher up in the rankings, if you get to The Race to Dubai, and you’re Top-10, Top 15, you know that if you win there, you win. We’ve got to make sure that we’re fresh for that, so that’s going to change things a little bit. Just have to see. Still waiting on a few bits, the cj on the PGA TOUR and get the schedule down.

Q. How do you feel looking back on the win?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, really pleased. It was a really memorable week and to be able to do it on home soil at Wentworth with the family there, and such a big event as the BMW PGA, it was a really special week.

Q. Do you feel like you’re back to your best?
DANNY WILLETT: I mean, you know, I don’t really know what the best — no one really knows what your best is. I feel like I’m in a much better place of being able to understand my game and what I’m able to do and how to cope with different pressures differently and the movement side of things are definitely better. We’ve been working really hard on that. So yeah, the game is definitely in a better place to where it has been, but best, I don’t really know what that is yet. Still early days with Foles and a lot we need to unlock and see how good we can get.

Q. Different format this week. Nice coming to a tournament like this off the back of that win?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it is. You get great fields here. This week Rory is here, Justin is here, Tony Finau is here. Because it’s a relaxed week, the guys play with their parents or friends or whoever. Three fantastic golf courses and just hope we get some decent weather over the next three days. A pleasure to come and play and support Johann Rupert who, does a lot for the Tour and always has for many years. To come back is a great feeling.

Q. If you had to pick a favourite of the courses?
DANNY WILLETT: Carnoustie is obviously iconic. This place is incredibly iconic. But Kingsbarns I would say is good fun to play with the slopes that you can use and birdie chances if the weather is kind to us. They are all pretty special.

Q. What’s it like being in contention on a Sunday at St. Andrews?
DANNY WILLETT: It’s an amazing place to play when you’re in contention. Not quite home crowds but the crowds still come out in force and still have some great stuff around and it is amazing to be up atop the leaderboard as a place as iconic as St. Andrews is pretty special.