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Tyrrell Hatton - Quick Quotes

Sunday, October 7, 2018 - Q. How pleased are you with your third round 66?
TYRRELL HATTON: I'm pretty happy with that score. I was 5-under on the front nine, it felt like a struggle, which sounds really strange. My hands were really cold and I was struggling to start the ball on line. I got lucky a few times, avoiding bunkers, but the putter was working pretty well.

And then yeah, the back nine, that was a little bit of a struggle again. I had a few opportunities. It was disappointing to bogey 17. Felt like I hit a good tee shot down there and a bit unfortunate with the lie that we got, but I guess it happens. Would have been nice to finish with a two on 18, gave myself a good opportunity and sadly couldn't hole the putt.

Q. After last week, how are you feeling now? Straight into another tournament on the back of The Ryder Cup. How are you feeling, energy levels, how are they?
TYRRELL HATTON: They are fine. The only day that was an issue was Monday. Obviously a little bit hung over, but apart from that, we're all good. Obviously a different atmosphere here this week. It's a lot quieter. Obviously it's quite relaxed and stuff, playing with the amateurs, and stuff. It's good. Been a fun week so far. Like you said, I'm in a good position going into tomorrow. So I've just got to go out there, give it my best shot and see what happens.

Q. What would it mean to be able to claim three in a row in a tournament, but that tournament to be one that's at the Home of Golf?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it would be pretty surreal I think. I'm certainly going to go out there tomorrow and give it my best. But to join that club would be so special. And yeah, all I can do, like I said is just give it my best shot and hope for the best.

Q. Good score today. How was that?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously it was nice to shoot a decent score. Front nine, although I was 5-under, felt quite difficult. It was pretty cold this morning and I was struggling to warm up. I hit a few loose shots. Got away with a couple, which was nice, and then holed a couple of putts, so that kept momentum going.

Felt like I could have scored better on the back nine but hit a few loose shots again. But we're in a good position going into the final day and that's all we can ask for.

Q. Always nice to birdie the last, especially after bogeying 17.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I was pretty frustrating standing on the 18th tee. Hit a good tee shot down 17. I think it was a bit unfortunate with the lie that we got. I had to try and run it up front of the green, whereas if I had a decent lie, I can just go straight, carry it all the way. Didn't work out that way for us. Unfortunately we dropped a shot. It was nice to get it back on 18, although had a great chance for 2.

Q. Obviously you don't want to count chickens too much, but what would it mean to win for a third time and join an illustrious group?
TYRRELL HATTON: It would be really special and I've given myself an opportunity to go and do that tomorrow. Have to wait and see what Tommy does over the closing holes. Either way, I'm happy with the last three days, and I'll certainly give it my best shot tomorrow.

Q. A 66, talk me through the front nine first, two eagles and a birdie.
TYRRELL HATTON: They always help. I hit a lovely shot into the fifth. I think we had 260 yards to the pin. Wind was a bin into off the left and probably one of the best 3-woods I've hit all year. It was nice to get over the hill and see that was about five feet away and then 9 was playing downwind, slightly off the right, so just hit driver there to about 20 feet and yeah, it was nice to hole that one, as well.

Front nine was a little bit iffy. Hit a few loose shots. Felt pretty cold out there, and like my hands wouldn't warm up, so I was struggling to release the club, so I was hitting quite a few right. Thankfully it warmed up a little bit on the back nine but then I started to hit a few left. Hopefully we straighten that out tomorrow but overall I'm happy with my score today and where I am opponent the leaderboard.

Q. Where were you when other scores were out there? Were you aware of Tommy Fleetwood in particular?
TYRRELL HATTON: I always look at leaderboards. I like knowing where I am, so I obviously knew Tommy was having a good day but that doesn't affect how I'm playing. I've still got to try and control my ball as well as I can. Although it was a little bit inconsistent today, I still scored pretty well. I'm happy with that and hopefully play better tomorrow.

Q. How do you approach the thoughts of a hat trick?
TYRRELL HATTON: Well, I've been pretty calm all week. I'm not really thinking about it too much but I'm trying to put up the best defence as possible.

So far, so good, but still got 18 holes to go. A lot can happen in 18 holes, so hopefully I can just go out there and play well. If I can do that, I'll give myself a good chance.

Q. I saw on 13, you spoke to the woman you hit on Thursday and got to see her today.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I actually phoned her on Thursday night. I got her number, to make sure she was doing okay, or doing as good as possible. I was happy to see her out there today. I know that she went to Kingsbarns yesterday, so I'm very thankful that she was able to still enjoy the golf.

Q. Surprised to see you and Tommy up there?
TYRRELL HATTON: Not really, no. If you're referring after last week, you know, it's a new week. We're here trying to play our best golf. Obviously Tommy played fantastic last week and I feel like I played pretty well, as well. It was just a case of coming here and hopefully taking that into this week, which appears that we've done so far. And we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Q. How difficult is it to keep going this week after last week?
TYRRELL HATTON: The only day that was a struggle was Monday. After that, we're fresh as a daisy. It's no struggle. We're used to playing three, four weeks in a row, so this is only my second tournament.

It's not a case of feeling tired. Although last week was a busy week, I feel fine.

Q. You're 61 under for your last 11 rounds in this event. Pretty impressive?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I guess it's good, but it doesn't sort of count for anything at the moment with still 18 holes to go. Obviously I'd like to add to that, and if I can add to that, then hopefully I'll have a good finish this week.

Q. You played with Ernie, and he was the last to win the same event three times. Nice to go around today?
TYRRELL HATTON: It's always a pleasure to play with Ernie. Obviously he's one of the legends and it was cool playing with his dad, as well. We had a good day. That's what this tournament is about, having fun with the amateurs, as well. So yeah, it was great.

Q. Would you say you and Tommy are closer as of last week? Will that any extra spice if you're paired together tomorrow?
TYRRELL HATTON: I'd say the whole team is closer after last week. Obviously we all got on great and that's what happens in a Ryder Cup. You become friends. It's not going to add anything to tomorrow's round. This week we're individuals, and we'll both be out there trying our best to win a golf tournament. We'll see what happens.