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Søren Kjeldsen – R2 interview

Q. How do you reflect on two rounds, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns?
SØREN KJELDSEN: I’ve only played one tournament round for five weeks, so I’m quite pleased. I think yesterday, I hit a lot of quality shots. Same thing again. I got a really fast start today which was really nice and then didn’t really get going after that. But overall, pretty solid game. Pretty happen.

Q. And you’re in a nice position, aren’t you, until the weekend?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, obviously that five on the last was a bit of a shame. I hit a good drive but misjudged the second shot a little bit. But overall, yeah, I’m very happen.

Q. What were expectations after five weeks off?
SØREN KJELDSEN: No expectations. I think that’s the main thing. I tried to do that most weeks but it’s easy after five weeks really. Because you’re not — even though practice has been good at home, I wasn’t quite sure where the game was. But it’s in a good spot.

Q. It’s unusual to find five weeks in a season so this is something deliberate or just the way the calendar worked out?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, we had a few things at home that I sort of had to spend a bit of time on. And therefore, actually, I was supposed to play Italy and Germany, but ended up not doing that.

But from now, I’m going to be really busy, so it’s nice to be fresh and energised before a big finish to the season.

Q. Are you feeling the benefits?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, I am, yeah. I can’t wait to go out and practice, even now, I look forward to getting over there and just keep working at it a little bit. So it’s nice to feel that way.

Q. We’ve said with the guys coming back from Ryder Cup that this is a good tournament to come back so. I know it’s a different scenario, but is it a similar sort of thing; that you enjoy this kind of rhythm here?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, I really do. I think they have got it just right here. Every year, you know, people are so happy to be here, amateurs and pros. I think one thing that Johann has really sort of put his mark on is the pace of play. It’s miles better now than when we started a long time ago. And I think he’s very — he puts a lot of attention to that and he’s on people all the time to speed up. It’s miles better now. It’s good.

Q. Getting along well with your amateur?
SØREN KJELDSEN: Great amateur. We’ve never met before but he’s a lovely guy and we have a good time.