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Ryan Fox – Quick Quotes

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Thursday, September 26, 2019 Ryan Fox – Quick Quotes

Q. You managed to tame the Old Course today. What was the secret behind your success?
RYAN FOX: To be fair, the conditions were pretty nice out there. It’s all setup fairly easy for us, as well, the first round to, get pace of play, and always got to be a little wary of conditions. I think they got the forecast a little wrong for us today, which was nice. I played really solid and for the first time in a while I saw some putts go in and hit some great shots coming down the stretch. It was just nice to take advantage of those fairly benign conditions out there.

Q. When the putts started to drop early, I guess the confidence grows?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, it looked like it was going to be a frustrating day earlier. I had a couple of nasty lipouts on the third and fourth, and it’s been a bad run lately. Thought it was going to be another one of those days, but holed a couple nice putts on 5 and 6, and the confidence started growing from there. I had a bunch of putts looked — have a chance through the middle, and then hit some good shots and took advantage of them coming home. It was certainly nice to put a good score on the board.

Q. What are the hopes for tomorrow, more of the same?
RYAN FOX: Well, I don’t know around Carnoustie. It’s a pretty tough golf course, that one, and I’m not sure what the weather forecast is. I saw there was some good scores out there today, but you never know around there.
Even par even on a good day is a decent score around there, and hopefully — I’ve not quite figured it out in previous years, and hopefully I can get out there and shoot a decent score tomorrow.

Q. On the back of what you did today, your confidence will be boosted by that.
RYAN FOX: Yeah, definitely. It was definitely nice to see some putts go in. Take that into tomorrow. Yeah, just really depends on the conditions out there. It can be a pretty tough test of golf. It doesn’t get the nickname, Car-Nasty, for no reason. Hopefully can take it in tomorrow. Had a lot of fun out there with Shane Warne and Huey Lewis, and another nice group again tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Q. What about the format, you as an individual professional, the tournament means a lot, but playing with these amateurs that bring a bit of character to the game, does that relax you?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, I always enjoy a bit of chat out there on the golf course. It’s a cool format to get to play these three golf courses, and they look after us so well this week. I love Pro-Am formats, and I’ve played with Shane Warne the last couple years and we get along really well. We’ve had a lot of fun out there, become good friends because of this event.
Yeah, it’s just nice to have — go out, play a nice, relaxing round with a mate. I feel like for me, he wants to do well here and I can kind of focus on trying to help him out, rather than focus on my score, which as professional golfers, I think we get stuck in a little bit too much.