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Ross Fisher – R3 interview

Q. Beautiful day, lovely, sunny at Carnoustie for once. Can you tell us about a round that was some pretty consistent golf out there for you?
ROSS FISHER: It was decent. Yeah, you never know what you’re going to get when you turn up here. We were all hoping for Car-nicety and not Car-nasty. We got it. It was a beautiful day to play this place. What a golf course in this condition.

Conditions were pretty benign. There wasn’t much breeze. So whether it played easier or harder than what the other guys had it, I don’t know. I heard stories about some of the clubs they were hitting on to the par 5s and obviously we had it a lot longer and the tougher holes played easier for us.

It was still tricky out there. It was very firm, very fiery, but yeah, overall, felt pretty pleased with the round. There was a couple of scrappy shots. Maybe left a couple of putts out there but you know, all in all, I can’t complain. It plays pretty good, and to shoot under par and shoot in the 60s for the third day running, I’m obviously very, very pleased.

Q. What felt comfortable for you out there for the last three days, like you said, you’ve been hitting birdies left right and center?
ROSS FISHER: I think the putter was maybe slightly off today. I think, what did I have, I had a couple of bogeys out there. I had one on the front side on No. 3, which was a pretty poor 3-putt and one on the back on 16. Just hit a poor shot.

But you know, I mixed in some good birdies there. The par 5s were obviously key. Made a very good birdie on the one on the front side.

And then made a couple of good birdies on the first par 5, on 12, and then hit a great shot on 13 to about three feet.

So I knew I had a tough stretch to come, obviously 15, 16, 17, 18. But you know, it was disappointing not to make birdie on 14, the par 5. I hit it in the bunker there, so I didn’t have much of a chance but I made a really good up-and-down there.

Holed a nice probably about 20-footer on 15 to really get some momentum going.

Unfortunately dropped one on 16.

But it was nice that I didn’t hit a great tee shot on 17 and was relieved to make par there.

And then obviously 18 was playing pretty tough. To knock it on the green and cosy it down there, finish 3-under, very, very pleased.

Q. What about tomorrow then? It’s been a nice week for you. You must take confidence going into tomorrow and you’re positioned well to really charge.
ROSS FISHER: Definitely. Obviously Tyrrell is obviously playing great. He’s at St. Andrews, and he’s got four holes to go and one shot ahead, Sterne, Joakim Lagergren is doing quite well. So it’s going to be a bunched leaderboard. So you know, it depends how Tyrrell finishes. 17 is a dangerous hole. But you’ve got a good chance on 18.

So just have to wait and see where I am come tomorrow and then I think the forecast tomorrow is supposed to be pretty similar to today. So it’s going to make St. Andrews play a lot different to when I played it yesterday. You’re not going to be driving it 395 down the fifth or knocking it on to 10 quite comfortably. It’s going to be exciting.

Hopefully I’ll be drawn with Tyrrell, because we’re pretty good friends. We’ve spent quite a few evenings together for dinner and stuff. I’m sure we’ll go out there and have some fun and put on some good golf for the public and you know, whether it’s me, him, someone else, there’s going to be a worthy winner come tomorrow afternoon.