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Paul Dunne – R3 interview

Q. How was that today?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, it was tricky. I got off to a nice start birdieing one of the first two and three-putted 12 for par and then I really struggled.

13 through 17 were playing really tough, back into us, strong breeze. So I can’t play great but I managed to scramble some pars.

And then 2-under was okay, considering the conditions and how I played. I didn’t play that well. Swing started to feel better towards the end. A few loose shots on the last.

All in all, 70 is a decent return, so I’m not totally out of it but I need a seriously low one tomorrow by the looks of how Tyrrell is playing.

Q. Looked like patience is a big part of your round today, as well.
PAUL DUNNE: Well, it has to be. It takes six hours to get around. When the weather is this tough, you know you’re going to have some holes where you’re going to have to grind it out. It’s tough to 2-putt from 50 feet when it’s blowing 25 miles an hour gusting up.

When you’re by the coast, you can really feel the freshness of the breeze. I didn’t hit it as well as I have the last couple of days, so I think it’s a decent return, given that. But there is definitely a score out there.

Q. Going back to St. Andrews, we know you can play well around there. What’s your game plan for tomorrow?
PAUL DUNNE: Just try to get off to a quick start. I think there’s going to be less wind tomorrow, and if it’s the same direction, that means the scoring will be pretty good.

So if I can try to get a few under in the first few holes, get a bit of momentum and then just try to build from that and shoot as low as I can and see what happens.