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Martin Kaymer – R3 interview

Q. 65 on the Old Course, you have the Yellow jersey but didn’t quite work out that you were in the lead?
MARTIN KAYMER: I was quite a few shots behind, so the main goal was to make the cut with my father today. I know how hard he’s trying and we played the last few years and we always came one shot short. For myself, I’m very pleased the way I played today and if I’m four or five shots behind, it’s fine. It’s going to be an interesting Sunday, any ways.

Q. Can you describe this as a relaxing week after last week?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, absolutely because I’m not going to practice much. You just play your round and then you go back to the hotel and then you relax and have a nice dinner with your family and you reflect a little bit on last week, you already talked about the next day’s golf and it’s very nice week.

Q. Has your father got ambitions for tomorrow?
MARTIN KAYMER: He never experienced the final round at St. Andrews, so I think the most important thing is that we have a good time out there tomorrow as a family. I don’t know how much longer we can still play together because you never know. But in the end, we have to be realistic. We don’t have a chance to win in the team but if we can squeeze in the Top-10, that would be an amazing achievement.

I don’t think it would do justice to try to put it in words. For me it’s nice, but I think for a father — I’m not a father, so I don’t know how it must feel. I think for him, it’s very, very special. He’s not the kind of guy who would tell us how special it is but I think there will be a lot of enjoyment and a lot of — yeah, he’s just looking really forward to play tomorrow.

Q. Thoughts on 65 on the Old Course?
MARTIN KAYMER: Played really solid. A tricky start but I made a couple par saves on 2 and 3 and really got it going since the fifth hole. Made a couple long putts on 8 and then on 13, but overall played solid. Gave myself plenty of chances and today was a good day for the team because we made the cut, finally, which makes my dad very happy and for myself, I think I’m in a good position for tomorrow.

Q. It doesn’t get much better than playing with your father at the Old Course in wonderful weather conditions like we’ve had.
MARTIN KAYMER: I want to do well for dad because I know how nice it would feel for him. Obviously in the end, we always play for ourselves and even this week, yes, we do play for ourselves but if you can play with someone that you really care about, it makes it even nicer. We missed out last year by one shot and it was my fault because I had a seven or eight footer on 18 and I missed it, and this year, I really, really tried hard even though it was a long week after The Ryder Cup, but we managed to make the cut and play tomorrow again.

Q. Does that dynamic change on the final day?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, the thing is, it’s more relaxing, because you’re not so much into your own game. Sometimes we are stuck within ourselves and we are focused too much and we don’t relax anymore. So 17, I had a tricky putt, a long one, and my dad, too. So I made my putt and then I had kind of like a tester but I didn’t really think about it because I tried to help him; so that he makes the putts. So you go away from it and come back and it can be helpful, too.

Q. Do you look forward to the challenge?
MARTIN KAYMER: I look forward to playing the Old Course. I like playing here. Sometimes I need to get my head around certain pin positions because sometimes they are — it sounds a bit silly but some of them are too easy. They are in the middle of the green and there’s not much stuff to work with, no bunkers, no water, anything. So I really need to be focused on those pin positions and then I might have a chance tomorrow, who knows. I’m four or five shots behind now and you can always shoot 7- or 8-under on the course.