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Lucas Bjerregaard – Quick Quotes

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

“It’s really nice, some fond memories of last year even though it was very cold.

“I’ve not been playing as well as I’d like the last couple of months so hopefully some of those good memories can spark a little something in my game.

“It’s little things here and there, it’s not quite come together. It’s not far away and that’s what’s been frustrating. It feels like it’s right there and I just can’t really put it all together at once. Hopefully I’ll figure it out this week.

“Becoming a father has helped me mature a lot as a person but also as a golfer. It’s helped me in a lot of ways. It’s nice to have them around, they weren’t here last year but they’ve come here this year. It’s a great place and fun town with some good restaurants so we’ll have a brilliant week.

“It’s hard to pick a favourite course this week because they’re all a little bit different.

“St Andrews has all the history and it’s amazing playing 17 and 18 and just seeing all the great players during the last long time hit the shots and win around here. It’s pretty special walking down this couple of holes. Hitting that tee shot over the hotel on 17 it’s, I wouldn’t say fun, but it’s great.

“Kingsbarns has amazing views and it’s a beautiful course and I really enjoy playing round there.

“Then you go to Carnoustie and it’s just brutal, it just beats you up every time, but I actually really enjoy Carnoustie, I think it’s just a great test. I’d say that might be my favourite – I don’t know why because it beats me up every time.

“I’m playing with Dan Friedkin who I played with last year as well and we’ve gone on to become good friends so it’s really nice to play with someone I know that well. We’ve played a couple of times since that so that will be fun.

“I quite enjoy it. I think you have to prepare a little bit different for this week because the rounds are a little bit long being fourballs and the weather isn’t always with us. It’s different having an amateur partner but I enjoy it and I’ve been lucky, I’ve had great partners over the years and we’ve always managed to have fun. I always look forward to this week.”