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Calum Hill – Quick Quotes

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Friday, September 27, 2019 – Calum Hill Quick Quotes

Q. A 65 today. Sensational round of golf on a wet golf course, as well. How are you feeling about things going into the last couple of days here? You’re No. 1 on The Challenge Tour at the moment. How are you enjoying playing in front of your home fans and playing so well?
CALUM HILL: Yeah, it’s always nice to be at home and play in front of family and friends that can come out and watch, and it’s even better that I played well and they can enjoy themselves because of that, as well.

Q. Carnoustie tomorrow. What’s the biggest challenge?
CALUM HILL: I think Carnoustie is a little less forgiving on the miss, whereas St. Andrews, you can hit it left most of the way around and be okay. Carnoustie you have to position your golf ball a bit better. I think that’s probably the difference, a few more bunkers.

Q. Playing on an invitation here. How do you go about going through the last couple of days and not getting ahead of yourself?
CALUM HILL: I think it’s slightly different this week because everyone is playing a different course at a different time. So whatever my position right now, it’s probably slightly higher than those that have started on Carnoustie. It’s just about playing as well as you can, and going as low as you can over these first two days and then after three rounds, I think you can look at your position a bit better and judge what you need to do for the final day.