Greg Kinnear

With only his fourth major film, As Good As It Gets, he secured his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He was literally stuck with Matt Damon for about 14 hours a day while shooting Stuck On You, playing conjoined twins. He has appeared in other notable films, including Sabrina, You’ve Got Mail, Nurse Betty, We Were Soldiers, Little Miss Sunshine, Invincible and Green Zone. Notable TV roles include Friends and his Emmy nominated roles for Talk Soup, The Kennedys and Modern Family, as well as starring as Keegan Deane in the 2014 series Rake. Currently lives in Los Angeles and is a member of Bel Air. This is his seventh appearance in the Alfred Dunhill Links. Says his funniest moment was scoring an eagle when playing with Miguel Angel Jimenez. ‘He congratulated me in Spanish – I think’ said Kinnear. ’And gave me a cigar.’