Lucas Bjerregaard – Quick Quotes

Sunday, October 7, 2018

LUCAS BJERREGAARD: It feels amazing. It’s been a really good year. Just got a whole lot better now. It was tough out there today. The conditions weren’t easy.

Hit a 2-putt there on the last and thought it was going to be really fast, but I’ve seen a few putts on TV this week that looked super fast. Obviously misjudged it. It was a shame to finish like that. I’m just really happy.

Q. You started the day four back. What did you say to yourself?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: You know, I’ve been playing well and conditions weren’t easy. I knew the back nine was going to play tough today. Made a few birdies. Missed a couple of good chances on 14 and 15, which I thought were crucial. Made a really nice putt on 16.

I thought if I could birdie 14, then I’m right in there — didn’t do that. Then hit a great second shot into 15 and thought, well, at least make this one, and missed it.

I then got up to the green on 16 — it wasn’t really till the last few holes I thought I had a chance.